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Est. 1975

Stay Well With Dr. Fred Bell

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Technology designed and produced by Dr. Fred Bell
Pyradyne is an innovative health and energy company that promotes greater consciousness, health and well-being. Only a body that is fueled with the best ingredients can deliver ultimate performance. We believe that if we pay more attention to our body’s, we will become a healthier and happier person.





Dr. Fred Bell, was a practicing naturopath, scientist, environmentalist, inventor, world class performing musician, internationally known speaker and founder of Pyradyne.

 Dr. Fred Bell on Tru TV's Conspiracy Theories

Dr. Bell spent his lifetime creating technologies that not only help people become more aware of the world around them, but also help to heal and stop the negative effects of toxins, such as: radiation, stress, exposure to ELF and EMF frequencies, and many other toxic environmental chemicals affecting your body everyday.

Check out our Pyradyne Essential Supplements, some of the most potent Multi-vitamin and Trace Mineral combinations currently available on the market today. With the latest advances in science, we have teamed with some of the best Master Formulators and growers in the world, to produce Dr. Bell’s supplement system giving you powerful results. Our customers report a rapid increase of energy after just several days, along with decreased stress, increased muscle recovery time, and better concentration.

Dr. Bells supplement systems are designed to give antioxidant support for oxidation stress, bone health, anti-aging, cell integrity and improved circulation, and much more. Please visit our Essential Supplements page to learn more.


Pyradyne is home to the one and only Nuclear Receptor, a patented design that started back in the 1960’s and was developed by Dr. Fred Bell over the last 3 decades. The Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy, crystals and gemstones, laser light amplification, Tibetan acupuncture, and Pleiadian science. Visit our online store to purchase your Nuclear Receptor & Holographic Projector manual for further reading on the cellular science behind this unique technology!





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