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The Nuclear Receptor

The Most Functional Jewelry In The World, Personalized To Your Body And Your Needs

An incredible device, designed and patented by the late NASA Rocket Scientist, Dr. Fred Bell, ph.D. 


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Who Is Dr. Fred Bell?

Dr. Bell’s credentials? Extensive. At 14, he was working at the University of Michigan on nuclear energy projects. Yes, 14! He worked for the government where he ran various projects, including mind-control experiments still in use today by the CIA and governments worldwide. 



 Dr. Fred Bell talked weekly on Coast to Coast & BBS Radio, as well as frequenting many TV Shows, including Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories. He was also a former NASA rocket scientist, healer, inventor, musician and international renowned speaker, discussing a plethora of topics, ranging from the secret space program, weather and bio-warfare, NAZI UFOs, Martial Law, virus manufacturing, and how to live a balanced life.

 Dr. Fred Bell on Tru TV's Conspiracy Theories

Check out our YouTube channel for more archives and seminars from Dr. Fred Bell, or simply search his name for over 22,000 different videos!

Pyradyne is home to the one and only Nuclear Receptor, a patented miniature satellite dish that was developed back in the 1960’s by Dr. Fred Bell, and has continually evolved over the last 3 decades. The Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy, crystals and gemstones, laser light amplification, Tibetan acupuncture, Pleiadian science and Quantum physics.


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Timothy Horine Sharing His Pyradyne Experience's

Louie In The Uk Has Been Wearing The Nuclear Receptor For 2 Years


"Dr. Bell spent his lifetime creating technologies that not only help people become more aware of the world around them, but also help to heal and stop the negative effects of toxins, such as: radiation, stress, exposure to ELF and EMF frequencies, and many other toxic environmental chemicals affecting your body everyday."

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Grant Scanlon Does His Own Experiments With The Pyradyne Products


Jon Rios Shares His Experiences With His Nuclear Receptor

Pyradyne is an innovative health and energy company that promotes greater consciousness, health and well-being. Founded by Dr. Fred Bell in 1975 and now continued on by his youngest daughter, Megan Bell.

We believe only a body that is fueled with the best ingredients can deliver ultimate performance. We believe that if we pay more attention to our body’s, we will become a healthier and happier person.

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