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Pyradyne® was founded in 1975, by the late Dr. Fred Bell. Home to his masterfully formulated health supplements, best-selling books, seminars and signature pyramid products including the original, patented Nuclear Receptor™. Dr. Fred Bell passed in 2011, the day after filming an episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories on True TV. His legacy lives on and continues to positively impact people all across the world today.

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  • The Pyradome™ Harmonizing Radio Wave Frequency


Unlocking the Power of Dopamine: Understanding the Brain's Signal Transmitter

Unlocking the Power of Dopamine: Understanding the Brain's Signal Transmitter
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Introduction to Dopamine and the Brain's Signal Transmitters The brain is a complex organ that controls almost all aspects of our lives. It is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and...

Time Travel: Is it possible?

Time Travel: Is it possible?
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     Time travel is the concept of moving through time, usually through the use of a time machine. Time travel can refer to time-based movement between different points in...
  • Learn more about Dr. Bell's Nuclear Receptor™

    The original patented Pyradyne® Nuclear Receptor™ uses Cassegrin Technology and works like a miniature satellite dish; designed to harmonize and deflect harmful man-made frequencies which can slow down cognitive function in the mind and body.

Electrical Coronal Discharges

Watch the electromagnetic energy of the body transform while wearing The Pyradome™ and The Nuclear Receptor™

  • Pyramid Experiments

    Persevering Foods Using The Pyradome™


    Incredible seminars, radio shows and more from our founder Dr. Fred Bell

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