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How do pyramids work?

Real World Application and Scientific Evidence of Pyramid Technology

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Megan Bell's New Book The Power Of Pyramids, Decoding The Triangle!

The power of pyramids, decoding the triangle by Megan Bell
  • The Pyradome™ Harmonizing ELF Frequency


Pyradyne® exists to assist the mind and body in it's own natural ability to heal itself, by increasing vitality, energy and mental focus.

Founded in 1975, Pyradyne® has been home to The Most Functional Jewelry In The World® and the original, patented Nuclear Receptor™ by Dr. Fred Bell, as well as masterfullly hand-crafted Orgone-Plated Pyramids and many powerfully formulated Health Supplements.

Our founder Dr. Fred Bell passed in 2011 but his legacy and products live on exactly as created and continue to positively impact people all across the world today.


The Importance Of Trace Minerals & Electrolytes

The Importance Of Trace Minerals & Electrolytes
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What do electrolytes do? Electrolytes are the foundation to healthy cells, without them we will not be able to function. The question is what do electrolytes do and how can...

Gods Medicine: Raw Garlic

Gods Medicine: Raw Garlic
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Garlic is wonderful. Some call it natures antibiotic, it has many uses and certainly many health benefits. Personally I take one raw clove every day chopped up with 8oz of...

Electrical Coronal Discharges

Watch the electromagnetic energy of the body transform while wearing The Pyradome™ and The Nuclear Receptor™

  • Pyramid Experiments

    Persevering Foods Using The Pyradome™


    Discover the Gemstone & Metal Combination for You

The original patented Pyradyne® Nuclear Receptor™ uses Cassegrin Technology and works like a miniature satellite dish; designed to harmonize harmful man-made frequencies which were created to slow down cognitive function in the mind and body.

  • What Can The Nuclear Receptor™ Do For Me?

    The Nuclear Receptor™ helps harmonize bad frequencies and radiation that come from radio, ELF and EMF frequencies, cell towers/phones including 5G, WiFi devices/handset phones, appliances and satellites. Re-energize with your own Nuclear Receptor, read real customer stories and experiences!


    Incredible seminars, radio shows and more from our founder Dr. Fred Bell

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