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Dr. Fred Bell was a Quantum Physicist, Prolific Writer, Innovator and former NASA Rocket Scientist. A genius lost before his time.

In 1975 Pyradyne® was founded by Dr. Fred Bell (descendant of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone) and has continually evolved over decades, improving its products as science has progressed. 
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 The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor

The Most Functional Jewelry In The World® 


Shield you from bad frequencies and radiation near and going through you that come from radio, ELF and EMF frequencies, cell towers/phones, WiFi devices/handset phones, appliances, satellites and space. Remove toxins, pesticides and food preservatives from the body, while re-energizing you! Rewind your DNA and help you stay younger.



The Original Wearable Technology

 The Original Pyradyne Receptor is the most effective and stylish jewelry of its kind on the market today. Using wisdom of the ancients and knowledge from modern science, the Pyradyne Receptor is for those seeking harmony, resiliency, and well-being. 

The Nuclear Receptor is a miniature satellite dish designed to deflect harmful man made frequencies which were created to slow down cognitive function in the mind and body. 
Combined with our powerful health supplement formulas, the Pyradyne products are designed to work in synergy together to help you feel better from the inside out!


Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor


The perfect mix of beauty and function.

Every piece is hand-crafted to exact geometric specifications for key functioning.

Designed & patented by the late NASA Rocket Scientist, Dr. Fred Bell, PhD.

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The History of Pyradyne

Alexander Graham Bell kisses his wife Mabel Hubbard Gardiner Bell inside a tetrahedral framework, October 16th 1903.


 Alexander Graham Bell


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