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4 Amazing Customer Reviews: Continuing Dr. Fred Bell’s Legacy

4 Amazing Customer Reviews: Continuing Dr. Fred Bell’s Legacy
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Since 1975, the world has been blessed with the holistic and new-age tools, supplements, and books designed, created, and written by Dr. Fred Bell. During his time with us, Dr. Bell was able to touch countless lives as he shared his vast knowledge and with all who were interested. 45 years later, his legacy lives on in the thousands of you around the world who are grateful for his products and writings.

Keep reading to hear 4 amazing customer testimonials from our community!


1. Look at all those Pyradyne products 😍


Thank you to Melanie Schuppler from Germany for this amazing testimonial:

My husband, my daughter and I wear the Nuclear Receptors on a regular basis. We feel much more protected, grounded and conscious which is very important in this time… I see this product as a lifetime investment. People often go to expensive holidays which last one or two weeks and a few weeks later the money and the relaxation is gone. The energy of these products lasts for a whole lifetime and even longer.

So thank you so much Pyradyne for all these great experiences and benefits!”



2. Introduced to Pyradyne as a Child

“When I was 11, my mom was introduced to Dr. Fred Bell and he began mentoring her for the next few years. I was so lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting him and being exposed to his supplements and technologies from that age. I remember quickly healing while using his supplements when I was sick and even had my own Receptor for a short period of time. He gave me photos of spaceships I still have today. In the last two years I have begun reading his books and listening to his interviews again with great nostalgia. The information he has to give is invaluable for bringing our planet into a higher consciousness and awakening us to our true selves. I cannot recommend his books and products enough, especially to my generation. He is truly a gift”

Love & light, 


3. Thank you, Entity for this great review!

“I’ve been using Pyradyne products for a few years now. I absolutely love everything they have to offer! In this photo, I’m wearing a Powerdome and Corinthian Bronze Nuclear Receptor. I’ve noticed a significant improvement with my health, especially with how quickly my body gets over allergic reactions and any types of sicknesses. It brings me to such a clear headspace and allows me to get into a deeper state with meditation. It enhances my ability to block out any mental chatter or distractions. I feel a huge shift in my consciousness when wearing these. The Powerdome gets rid of any headaches and migraines too. I use it to charge my food/liquid, crystals, vitamins, plants and for better fermentation of probiotics. It also keeps my vegetables/ fruits from spoiling. I always wear these whenever I am around any fumes as it produces negative ions for breathing clean. I highly recommend anything they have for it is truly a health game changer in our toxin filled society.


4. “Dr. Fred Bell is still an amazing teacher in my life and I am grateful for all I have learned from him🌟"

“I had the amazing opportunity to mentor with Dr. Bell in 2003-2004. I was just beginning on my path to Awakening when he offered to mentor me. Teaching me about the science behind energy medicine. As we know he had unlimited knowledge to share, and in that short time I was only able to absorb some of what I was taught. I have had Rays of Truth - Crystals of Light since that time. It is my go-to book for a wealth of information in regards to energy healing, nutrition, vitamin therapy, ELF fields and more. I have all of his books and refer to them often. He is still an amazing teacher in my life and I am grateful for all I have learned from him.


I highly recommend ordering his books, as they are filled with his lifetime of work and his passion to teach others tools to live life to its fullest and to be informed.

Dr. Fred Bell’s Legacy Continues

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos and testimonies over the years. We always look forward to seeing your messages and love sharing your stories with our community! If you aren’t already, keep in touch with us on our Facebook and Instagram page, or send your experience to!

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  • Grace Jones: April 27, 2020

    I first met Dr bell in the 80s and attended many of his events, I could listen to him speak for hours! He was such a blessing I miss him greatly.
    Its great to read how everyone is loving his products I probably own everything he ever made. Looking to get a new receptor soon, I am very excited for that.

    Thanks for holding the torch for a great man who I hope will be remembered for decades to come.


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