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4 Unexplainable and Mysterious Events in 2020

4 Unexplainable and Mysterious Events in 2020
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It’s no secret. 2020 has been off to a strange and interesting start. While we experience unexplainable events every year, 2020 seems to take the cake! Mysterious sounds in Alaska, unexpected sonic booms, and plagues of locusts are just a few bizarre events happening around the world..

Read on to learn about more interesting and strange happenings from 2020 as described in this video from Youtuber Jason A.

1: “It sounded like a whale”

In the early morning hours of February 13, 2020, residents of South Anchorage, Alaska heard a strange sound. At 5:30 AM, citizens heard what they described as a high pitched, metallic screeching sound. The sound was familiar to screeching brakes, but was much louder and seemed to be under water. Similar events have been reported in other areas of the world, but the sound is still a mystery!

Listen for yourself!

2: Sonic booms and earthquakes?

Around the United States people are experiencing sonic boom and earthquake-like events for no apparent reason. Video evidence shows garage doors, houses, and trees violently shaking for no obvious cause. Technology from local universities registered the events, but stated it differed from an earthquake. Dr. Alex Beebe suggested that it might have been “something at the earth’s surface, maybe an explosion, maybe something in the atmosphere.” Similar phenomenons have been felt in Arizona, Alabama,  Mississippi, North Carolina, California, North Caroline, South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

3: Repeating Radio Frequencies from Space.

From a very distant, specific and localized spot 5 million light years away; scientists have recorded a fleeting, but regular, radio burst that occurs every 16 days. Tim Paglione, York College Physics and Astronomy Professor, explains that the repeating frequency allows for scientists to better determine the location of the source and perhaps discover its significance.

Although the pattern of radio bursts is unknown, scientists continue to search for a definitive answer.

4: Biblical Prophecies Coming to Life?

Natural disasters around the world are closely resembling the Bible as plagues of locusts swarm and intense storms batter the coasts of many countries. During February of 2020, North Atlantic storms were recorded as some of the strongest on record. Storm Dennis caused mass flooding and hurricane strength winds in the United Kingdom.  Meanwhile, in East Africa, large swarms of locusts invade dozens of countries, decimating local crops. This year marks one of the most serious desert locust plagues in decades. Scientists suggest that an increase in severe weather events, such as droughts and intense storms leads to an increase of locust plagues. Many are taking these intense storms as a warning or lesson.

These stories serve as a reminder that we are always searching for answers and truth in our world. Have you experienced any unexplainable events this year? Comment below!



  • Angee Qui: January 07, 2021

    Whoa! So many things happened in 2020! Do you think 2021 is going to be just as weird as 2020? Lol

  • Jodie Lopez: June 15, 2020

    Very interesting! Thanks for the information.

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