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5 Amazing Facts About the Brilliant Quantum Physicist Dr. Fred Bell

5 Amazing Facts About the Brilliant Quantum Physicist Dr. Fred Bell
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Dr. Fred Bell was a quantum physicist, prolific writer, innovator, musician, and Former NASA Rocket Scientist: A true genius, lost before his time. Dr. Bell’s legacy lives on through his written work, and through Pyradyne, which has been passed down to his daughter, Megan Bell. Today, on his birthday, we are taking a look back at his incredible life and all of the amazing discoveries it contained. 

To understand the incomprehensible intelligence of Dr. Fred Bell, read these fascinating facts:

1) 14 Year Old College Student

Fred Bell began studying at the University of Michigan under the mentorship of Dr. Donald L. Katz, a physicist brought to the United States of America from Germany after World War II. Dr. Katz later went on to win 14 national and international awards.

During Dr. Bell’s time with Dr. Katz, he worked on magnetic disintegration, high temperature fusion experiments, and shockwave experimentation. In addition, Dr. Fred Bell was involved in working with the bombardment of nuclear particles and their collisions involving reverse time - as observed in a Wilson Cloud Chamber.

This unique learning experience strengthened Dr. Fred Bell’s desire to learn, which led to many more amazing discoveries


2) United States Armed Forces

At the age of 16, Fred interned at the U.S Army Biological Weapons Division in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was unable to wear a uniform until the age of 17, the legal age of admission with parental consent.

On his 17th birthday, he was transferred to the U.S Air Force, where he worked on highly classified projects including early warning defense systems.



3) 8 Years Consulting with Over 3,000 Companies

As a young man, Dr. Fred Bell earned a reputation as one of the leading minds in the United States. Working in the private defense sector on projects such as Star Wars, Saturn Rock, and the Eyelass Project (we recommend looking into some of these on your own time!). 

As a result, he worked with over 3,000 companies, government agencies, defense contractors, hospitals, schools, colleges, and mental institutes. A man filled with knowledge, Dr. Bell discussed topics such as: computer science, biological science, medical science, environmental testing, quality control, aircraft research, advanced propulsion technologies, and more.


4) A New-Found Interest in Eastern Philosophy

After an extended career working in the defense sector, Dr. Bell took an alternative route, and found an extreme interest in Eastern Philosophy. He returned to his academic roots and received his Ph.D in Homeopathic Medicine and became a practicing Naturopath. With vast experience in Homeopathic Medicine, physics, and human biology - Dr. Bell set out to use his knowledge for the good of mankind. Enter... Pyradyne!



5) Invention of First Wearable Nuclear Receptor

After founding Pyradyne in 1975, Dr. Fred Bell invented and patented the world’s first wearable Nuclear Receptor that we have all come to love. This miniature satellite dish worn as a pendant necklace contains more science than you can image. The Nuclear Receptor helps to shield the human body from toxins, negative frequencies, and more.

Dr. Bell’s Nuclear Receptors utilize technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER technology, LASER technology, homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences, Tibetan acupuncture and Pleiadian science. The Nuclear Receptor is a scala wave-generating device that is designed to protect the human body from negative frequencies, radiation and toxins and to recharge the body’s energy.

Dr. Bell continued his work with Pyradyne, and in 1981, he invented a quantum entanglement device based on quantum physics and quantum biology. This was named the Andromedan Holographic Projector, a necklace pendant that enables the wearer to experience a “quantum state”

Dr. Fred Bell was a gift to this Earth. Today, we celebrate him, his life, and all of his accomplishments. His legacy lives on through his work, his family, and through all of you that know and love his products. 

Happy Birthday Dr. Fred Bell! 


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