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5 Inspiring Stories from The Pyradyne Community - “Why We Love Pyradyne”

5 Inspiring Stories from The Pyradyne Community - “Why We Love Pyradyne”
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Are you a part of our awesome online community? If so, you probably saw our latest giveaway for the Cristos Cross Receptor and maybe even submitted your own Pyradyne story! We have to say… WOW! We were blown away by the amount of truly amazing and inspiring testimonials, videos, and photos that were sent in. We wanted to share with you 5 of our favorite submissions and hope they bring some happiness and inspiration to your day!

Read on to hear testimonials from our Pyradyne community:

Giveaway Winner: Dr. Lydia Gian. De Leon


“This is Dr. Lydia from the Geophilia Institute. I am a Holistic Architect and Coach, and have been researching for over 15 years the science and design of Ancient Temples, ending in doing a PhD on the subject.

I have never come across such scientific and sacred jewelry as Pyradyne, that incorporate all the basic Pillars of Temple design, such as Sacred Geometry, Fractal Materials, Scalar Wave Technology, Implosion Forces, that lead to absolutely transformative, healing and empowering pieces

I have had incredible experience with my Pyradyne jewelry, that has helped reach a next level of clarity, help me improve in physical and energy levels as well as become the best version of myself I can be to create Holistic Healing spaces! Thank you so much for creating these small sacred wearable temples!”

“ Keep up the good work. We need you.”

“I’m a retired nurse and a clairsentient alternative healer with a deep interest in quantum physics, the way energy works, crystal healing, etc. In 1996, I was traveling to Southern CA to attend an energy healing workshop. I had read about Dr. Fred Bell and knew he had a store somewhere around La Jolla, as I recall, and I made it a point to stop in. I was blown away. I purchased one of his first ruby nuclear receptors and a pyradome. When I put on the receptor my whole body tingled with the frequency shift...

     I’ve used nuclear receptors for over twenty years - even more important now with the wifi and cell phone towers and many erratic frequencies around. I have an autistic daughter who is painfully sensitive to non harmonic energy of all kinds and the Receptor helps her stay calm and grounded. I’ve watched her transform from an extremely anxious child to a smiling young woman eager to go out and explore the world.


     I’m grateful for this technology and the way Pyradyne has enhanced the models and all their incredible products. Keep up the good work. We need you.”


-- Sharon Rose Gabet


“Caroline and I love the effects of the Nuclear Receptor”

“Caroline and I love the effects of the Nuclear Receptor. I have been wearing one for a few years and Caroline has had hers for over two years. We are both currently wearing the aquamarine gemstone. 

We have been noticeably more focused, experienced less stress, and have better health overall since wearing this technology. We look forward to the opportunity of trying the Christos Cross receptor and feeling the new energy it provides!”

Best, Caroline and Luke 

“Greatest Experience of my Life” 

  “Hello I’m Steven Taylor and I want to tell the world how happy I am every day with my Nuclear Receptor with Citrine. It’s made my body, my mind, spirit and soul more relaxed, comfortable and confident.”

“It is a very powerful tool for me and I feel so blessed that I can wear it.”

“When I wear the Pyradyne pyramid I feel a very powerful energy of relaxation flowing deeper and deeper through my body. This energy is fulfilling my whole mind and body. I feel a deep transformation energy flowing through me. When I wear the pyramid head gear it lifts me up through a higher vibration. I feel more grounded. My mind and body can relax and my heart fills with universal love. When I wear the pyradyne head pyramid my meditation goes deeper. It helps me to center myself so that I am able to control my thoughts and emotions.

It is a very powerful tool for me and I feel so blessed that I can wear it. I also noticed that the disturbing energy around me from radioactive tools has no more influence on my energy. I can be myself, and that is pure divine love energy. It is a wonderful invention.I recommend this product for everyone because it helps us all, in this world that we are so vulnerable because of all the negative and radioactive energies around us. We all need to protect ourselves, and with this amazing invention we can. So I would say invest your money to buy these beautiful devices. Protect yourself to become the best of yourself. Let the energy flow through us, so that we can become our fullest potentials and shine pure divine light. Pyradyne for life.”


Marianne Hamam

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway and submitted their letters, testimonials, videos, and photos! Stay connected to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more stories, photos, and giveaways


  • Kelly Goodyear: April 02, 2020

    As a newbie to dr bells work, I am so grateful and thankful for this information. I am about to get my receptor and I cant wait!

  • Jason Markle: March 27, 2020

    It is really helpful to read other peoples experiences. My friend has one and loves it, I want to try it. Especially now with this 5g stuff and crazy viruses in the world.
    Thanks for being here pyradyne.

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