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5 Reasons to Love Pyralyte: A Complete Source of Trace & Base Minerals, Enzymes & Herbs

5 Reasons to Love Pyralyte: A Complete Source of Trace & Base Minerals, Enzymes & Herbs
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Pyralyte is an electrolyte/trace mineral drink mix that provides a complete and ultimate source of the essential minerals our bodies desperately need. 

As knowledge expands and the environment changes, Pyralyte evolves with it. This formula has entered its fourth generation with additional benefits and great flavor. Containing various minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and herbs, Pyralyte comes with many optimal health benefits. 

Read below to find out why we love it so much:

Provides Essential Minerals

This incredible product blends two sustainably-sourced minerals to bring energy and health back into your everyday life. With the combination of Plant Kingdom Minerals and OptiMin/Ancient Ocean Minerals, Pyralyte helps your body replenish everything it has been missing. Even when consciously feeding our bodies the proper ingredients from natural sources, they may still be missing necessary nutrients. Due to modern agricultural practices, minerals are being stripped from the soil and, therefore, the food we consume. Pyralyte assists in bringing balance back to your body by providing what it has been lacking. 


Easy to Use

Pyralyte is one of the most straightforward products to use. We know life can be stressful enough, so we made our advanced formula as user-friendly as possible. Just add 2 scoops to 8 oz of water and stir until combined. Really, it is that easy! Allowing Pyralyte to become part of your daily morning routine provides countless benefits without additional hardship.

Full of Natural Ingredients

This trace mineral formula is gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, vegan, and vegetarian, containing no preservations and no stabilizers. We believe everyone should have access to the proper nutrition, so we only put the best ingredients together for you. Pyralyte contains 78 different plant-extracted materials and trace minerals that are 100% assimilable into the body with no toxic lead or aluminum. We ensure that what you are putting into your system is good for your system. 


Some of the key ingredients of Pyralyte are ashwagandha, rhodiola root, amla fruit, and tumeric. These carefully placed elements help reduce stress, normalize blood sugar, prevent aging, improve physical and mental resilience, boost the immune system, and improve heart health.


Helps To Increases Energy

The human body relies on electrical systems that are supported by the minerals it consumes. Many of the foods we ingest today do not have enough essential minerals to support human health properly. Without these vital nutrients, your body must work overtime, leaving it tired and improperly nourished. Pyralyte helps to bring energy back into the body by providing what it needs most! This product supplies a complete source of trace and base minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and herbs. 


We do not think you should have to settle for health OR taste when it comes to taking care of your body, so Pyralyte lets you have both! Not only will you be filling your body with great ingredients but also excellent flavor. Generation 4 of this product now comes with a new and improved lemon-lime taste. Pyralyte is lemonade reimagined - with the same refreshing, delicious flavor, but with so many added benefits.

Interested in learning more? Click to see why Pyralyte would be the perfect addition to your daily routine.


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