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5 Ways Pyradyne Pyramids Can Benefit Your Everyday Life

5 Ways Pyradyne Pyramids Can Benefit Your Everyday Life
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For thousands of years, humans have been fascinated by the shape of pyramids, not to mention their power. As Pyradyne founder, Dr. Fred Bell, began to further understand pyramid technology, he created Orgone plated pyramid systems to protect everyday people from electromagnetic frequencies, toxins, environmental pollution and more. 

The technology of pyramids goes far beyond the service, and Dr. Fred Bell spent years researching and perfecting how to harness their power. You can read more about this here: (bitly link). But, the question from many of our customers boils down to: “What can a Pyradyne pyramid do for me?”

Read on to learn 5 ways our pyramids can have a positive impact in your daily life.

1. They preserve fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and more! (Vitamid)

a) So you’ve made the decision to purchase healthy produce, but whether it’s organic or non-organic, produce can often spoil before we have a chance to eat it! Using the Vitamid, you can preserve your fruits and vegetables longer! Click here to watch as Pyradyne’s, Megan Bell demonstrates the power of the pyramids for produce in “The Pyramid Experiment.
b) BONUS: You can put virtually any organic matter under a pyramid to increase its pH level (alkalinity), like water and fruit juices for example.


2. Increased sensation of well-being (Firedome)

a) The air we breathe contains large amounts of positive ions, causing many to feel undesirable effects including depression and sickness. These symptoms can be felt even more in areas that are heavily polluted or smog-filled. Negative ions, on the other hand, promote feelings of well-being and are abundant after a heavy rainfall or near a waterfall. Utilizing the Firedome, Pyradyne has developed a way to increase the effect of negative ions around you, greatly offsetting the feelings caused by poor air quality and environmental pollution. 


“There seemed to be some mood elevation and an increase in general physical energy and muscle strength. These effects were accompanied by a distinct sensation of warmth in the solar plexus area.”
-Dr. Howard White on the Firedome
3. Boosted Creativity and Mental Clarity (Powderdome Gold/Silver
a) Are you an author, musician, filmmaker, or any form of artist? If so, you’ve most likely hit a frustrating ‘writer's block’ moment. Both the silver and gold plated Powerdomes act as beacons for mental power, helping to increase clarity in the mind, and is recommended for activities such as reading, writing, teaching, driving, delivering speeches, and more!
4. Detoxification
a) When’s the last time you fasted or decided to stay away from unhealthy junk foods to benefit your health? While these tactics are very helpful, one part of the body, the brain, remains fairly unaffected by these types of cleanses. Toxins from harmful frequencies, alcohol, cigarettes, pollution, and junk food have accumulated over the years, which may cause you to feel sluggish, tired, and mentally fogged. When you wear a Pyradyne pyramid, you allow your brain to function to its highest ability!
5. Increased Energy
a) By nature, the human body is both electrical and chemical. This has been shown by Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize Winner, who demonstrated this by powering a lightbulb with a human who lit the light for over 5 minutes. When our batteries are fully charged, we have plenty of electricity, and therefore, plenty of energy! However, what happens when we run out? Fortunately, our Headgear pyramids help RE-CHARGE you by balancing the brain, allowing for increased energy, effectiveness, and mental stability.

To learn more about the specific benefits of each of our 5 pyramid systems, explore here.



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