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A Holistic Approach To Staying Healthy In Mind, Body, and Spirit

A Holistic Approach To Staying Healthy In Mind, Body, and Spirit
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With all of the news of the coronavirus lately in combination with the waning of flu season. It’s important to hold your head high and fight back with preventative measures. Everyone is aware of the basics when it comes to general wellness numero uno, washing your hands, avoid touching your eyes/mouth/nose, stay hydrated, disinfect surfaces…rinse (literally go wash your hands right now). And Repeat. Let’s avoid the doom and gloom and focus on what we can do to live our best (healthy) lives.

Pyradyne’s Pro Tips for staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit:

Healing Gemstone Jewelry:

Keep calm and wear your gemstone jewelry.  Seriously though, Dr. Fred Bell has studied and authored this and reports gemstones act as filters in the receptor.  Each stone has unique properties, in this predicament, we’re looking for gemstones that pack a punch.  We know just the two powerful gemstones, fit for the job:

Healing Gemstone Jewlery Aquamarine

Healing Gemstone Jewelry Citrine

Adding an aquamarine gemstone to your gemstone jewelry collection offers immune support, a sense of calm and improved communication. When the yellow Citrine gemstone is added to your gemstone jewelry, it’s really more than an accessory…it’s a secret weapon.

Trace Mineral Supplements

Trace mineral deficiencies can negatively impact physical, mental, and emotional health. Studies have even shown a direct link between trace mineral deficiencies and depression. Pyralyte’s powerful powder mix delivers 78 plant-extracted minerals. Pyralyte’s exclusive trace mineral supplements deliver 78 plant-extracted minerals. Armed with these minerals your body thanks you with enhanced performance, increased energy, improved vision, and more.  So raise your glass and cheers to the trace mineral transformation.

Head Pyramid 

Head Pyramid

The Head Pyramid is about to help us out big time in this situation.  Charged by the universe’s energy wearing this on your crown will make you feel like a queen and front and center to receiving the replenishing and rebalancing vibes from the skies and stars. Another huge bonus associated with wearing the head pyramid is improved vitamin absorption.  Which, combined with our next product is an effective measure:

Essential Oils

Aroma has a significant impact on our mood and atmosphere.  Feeling overwhelmed and anxious?... Enter: a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil.  It’s proven purple benefits include a calming effect and its subtle fragrance delights the nose.  Using lemon as an effective antibacterial cleaner is one of our all-time favorite tips that’s going to be around indefinitely.  Lemon checks all of the boxes including a citrusy fragrance that’s boosts energy while fighting germs.


Step away from your phone, take your dog for a walk, or read a book.  Stay positive and most importantly, stay healthy people! 


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