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A Message From God Hidden in Plain Sight: The Fibonacci Sequence

A Message From God Hidden in Plain Sight: The Fibonacci Sequence
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Take a walk through the park, beach, or forest and you may begin to notice the similarities in all living beings around you. Take a close look at the flowers, snails, tree bark, or shells and a beautiful symmetrical pattern will be apparent everywhere you look! All living creatures in nature, including YOU, obey this mathematical law without having to lift a finger.

This mysterious geometry is described as the Fibonacci Sequence or the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is All Around Us

The Golden Ratio (1.618) or known in mathematics as the symbol (φ) can be found in every aspect of our lives. Although the Fibonacci Sequence is derived from nature, humanity has been influenced by this naturally occurring phenomenon… and rightfully so! The beauty of this ratio can be found in icon buildings (such as the Parthenon and Notre Dame), within artwork (Mona Lisa), musical instruments, and so much more.

Nature's Mathematicians

In the natural world, the ratio is perhaps most visible in flowers. The Fibonacci Sequence is visible in the beautiful structures of the pedals. The number of pedals that occur on flowers follows the golden ratio as well. For example, most have three (lilies and irises), five (parnassia, rose hips) or eight (cosmea), 13 (some daisies), 21 (chicory), 34, 55 or 89 (asteraceae), all which are numbers found within the Fibonacci Sequence!

A Deeper Understanding of God


At the basis of most major monotheistic religions, it is known that God created the world from nothing. Miraculously, the Golden Ratio supports this belief. By definition of the Fibonacci Sequence, adding unity (God) to nothing (universe) creates a ripple effect in growth that moves towards infinity. See image below:



To many, it is understood that part of God is within every living being and that we are created in His image. The consistent presence of the Golden Ratio throughout our world and the universe is believed by some to be the appearance of God. Perhaps he left a universal language of design to assure the beauty and unity of His creation.

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