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Alkalize your Aura: How the PH Level of the Body Affects Overall Health

Alkalize your Aura: How the PH Level of the Body Affects Overall Health
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Alkalinity, in its most basic definition, is the description of the amount of acidity, or lack of, in a specific environment. This term is often used with pools, hot tubs, fish tanks, and in other situations where a body of water is maintained. This is tested by determining the PH levels. PH is measured on a scale 0-14 where anything 7 or greater is considered alkaline, while 0-6 is considered acidic.


The human body is approximately 60% water, so it may not be surprising to read that your body has a level of alkalinity or acidity as well! Modern medical theories, with supporting studies, show that the PH level of the human body will affect overall health. In fact, some studies have shown that cancerous cells thrive in areas with high acidity.

A few simple techniques can bring your body to a more harmonious level. This means you’ll feel healthier, happier, well-rested, and energized.

While the human body has more than enough ability to create an alkalized environment on its own, the food or fuel that you put into your body determines how efficiently it can do so.

Picture this… if you haven’t cut the grass all summer long, your lawn mower will have a much more difficult time getting through all the excess grass, However, with normal and regular maintenance, it wouldn’t be much of a pain for the lawn mower to cut the grass.

In this case, think of your body as the lawn mower that has to break down acidic foods and drinks. With a bit of trimming out the acidic foods, your body will have an easier time maintaining a well-balanced environment.



The best way to do this is to consume a diet that is rich in alkaline forming foods! Here are some examples: almonds, avocados, cucumbers, beets, and so much more. 

When we choose these healthier, less acidic options, we give our bodies functions a break - and don’t you deserve that?!

Aside from a clean, non-acidic, and nutritious diet, one of our favorite ways to assist our bodies in maintaining an alkaline environment with Our Superfood Supplement - Leafy Greens! This super green blend combines the top ingredients necessary to provide your body with nutrients, minerals and to alkalize your aura.


Some of the key ingredients found in Leafy Greens are wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, alfalfa, ginkgo leaf, and so much more! The all-natural ingredients in this superfood taste and make you feel AMAZING.

When we assist our body in feeling it’s best, amazing things happen! Even small changes can help us feel more energized, alert, excited, happy and ready to take on each day. Start by creating a healthy environment within, and just see how that affects your outward view.



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