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Be Kind to Yourself: Tips for Happiness This Holiday Season

Be Kind to Yourself: Tips for Happiness This Holiday Season
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Shopping, decorating, parties… The most wonderful time of the year? While the holiday season holds its fair share of sparkles, treats, and celebrations, it also often includes increased expectations and demands.

How can you fully embrace the holiday spirit if you are stretched thin? Now more than ever, you need to be mindful of your own energy.



 It is so important to reflect on your own wellness. Take the time each day to think about how you are feeling and fueling. Are you enjoying your activities or feeling drained? How are you approaching your day?


It can be helpful to begin each morning with feelings of gratitude. What in your life is going well? What brings you joy? What are the little things that happened yesterday on which you can build? What do you have planned today to bring you joy?


According to Amy Morin, an internationally recognized expert on mental strength. “Developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.”




You can also focus on finding joy the activities that would normally bring you stress. Instead of thinking about the hustle and bustle of shopping or cooking, savor the love you feel for the people you will be feeding or gifting. Think about the happiness you will share together. Savor the little moments and the memories that surface without dwelling on lines or traffic.




Just as you must nourish your mind, you must also fuel your body. Award-winning author, educator, and nutrition coach Dayle Hayes reminds us that “We need to take care of our bodies, especially during the stress of the winter holidays.”


Plan nutritious, balanced meals and enjoy sharing them with family and friends. Make sure you have healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, and vegetables on hand for easy snacking on the go. A little preparation will go a long way when you can grab a quick and easy boost between activities.




But even with the best mindfulness and planning, interruptions can happen. You can be caught off guard with changes in plans or delays that throw off your schedule… or tempted by the cookies, candies, and treats that seem to be everywhere around the holidays.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if when that happens! Instead, Ensure that you have a baseline of nutritional support to keep you going strong no matter what. (TIP: Our Pyralyte Trace Mineral Powder is the perfect product to support your mind and body and keep you feeling your best).


Concentrating on mindfulness and gratitude, seeking the joy in all things, and taking steps to support your physical and mental health can ensure you have everything needed to enable your best self to shine bright all season long.



From the Pyradyne family to yours: We wish you a Happy Holiday Season filled with happiness!





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