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Can Pyradyne Make a Difference for You? Hear from Our Valued Customers

Pyraydne Experiences - Nuclear Receptor
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For the past 34 years (and counting) Pyradyne has been making a positive impact around the globe. Individuals looking for balance, facing fatigue, stress, negativity, lack of focus, and more have turned to us for help. Through the power of our products including the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor, Balance Bracelet 2.0, and our Trace Mineral formula (Pyralyte), we have seen countless individuals find hope in the face of adversity, and more importantly... they are finding answers.

How can Pyradyne make a difference for you? Don't take our word for it... hear it directly from the source, our amazing customers:


The Nuclear Receptor

The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor is the World's Most Functional Jewelry. Patented in 1975 by quantum physicist and former NASA rocket scientist, Dr. Fred Bell, Ph.D., these amazing pieces of jewelry are far more than meets the eye. In fact, the Nuclear Receptor is a sophisticated piece of technology, scientifically crafted to improve your ability to process negative energy, shield against harmful frequencies (I.E Wi-Fi), and rebalance your life.


Each individual journey with the receptor is unique and beneficial in its own way. Here is just one example:

“I have worn a Nuclear Receptor for the past 4 years with great success. Having tried other EMF-radiation-reducing-pendants, I feel this is by far the best, and the only one that gives me a feeling of total protection from any negative input in the environment. Peace of mind has no price... I also feel healthier since I started wearing [the Nuclear Receptor]. It might be because it helps detoxify toxins. Thank you Pyradyne for making such great products available, and for contributing to the evolution of people’s lives.”
- Luke A, USA

Nuclear Receptor


The Balance Bracelet 2.0

The redesigned Balance Bracelet 2.0, introduced in 2019, has already made waves within the Pyradyne community. With the power of all-natural Earth elements, this bracelet provides a myriad of benefits.

Utilizing germanium, magnets, negative ions, and FAR infrared, the Balance Bracelet 2.0 works to balance your body’s natural energy field by aligning it to the exact same frequency as walking barefoot on grass or wet sand. The primary function of the Balance Bracelet 2.0 is to help counteract the negative effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields), keeping the body near its proper frequency, also known as Schumann's Resonance.

The benefits of being aligned with the Earth are clear, as described by the customer below:

“I ordered this balance bracelet, as I noticed the Schumann's resonance (the hertz frequency in the earth's ionosphere) is rapidly fluctuating causing extreme changes in human emotions and behaviour. I live with mental illness and Schumann’s can be an enemy to [my] state of mind. The Germanium on this Balance Bracelet has done a lot to improve the condition of my chronic fatigue, as it scavenges viruses such as Epstein Barr which are responsible for the tiredness. I have never known such a surge of energy since 30 years since contracting CFS. It enables me to power through my day! I used to use [Chinese] culinary herbs and drink Jiaogulan tea (A Chinese healing tea) for years and the Germanium in this bracelet is even more effective and powerful than herbs and teas.”
- Jacqui, AUS
Balance Bracelet 2.0



Pyralyte Trace Minerals

Are you familiar with trace minerals? According to late Pyradyne founder, Dr. Fred Bell, “The body is 5% minerals, yet this 5% controls 95% of the body’s metabolic function.”

Electrolytes, such as sodium, phosphate, magnesium, calcium, and phosphate, all carry electric charges. These small electrical charges are responsible for stimulating our muscles and nerves. As such, they play a major role in regulating fluid throughout your body, affecting cellular function, blood volume, and blood pressure. Trace minerals are inorganic (meaning non-living) nutrients that are used for many biological functions such as digestion, growth, and hormone regulation.

Pyralyte, our trace mineral/electrolyte powder, provides a complete source of trace and base minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and herbs. Drinking Pyralyte regularly can result in multiple health benefits such as increased energy, improvements in vision, weight loss, and improved exercise performance - just to name a few!

“This product is honestly the best I have ever had in terms of trace minerals and actually feeling a difference. Highly recommend. I have a lot more energy every day so I increased my dose and I take it twice a day. Fantastic!”
- Kirk O.

Pyralyte Trace Minerals


Since our founding years, we’ve been proud to provide a pathway to balance, stability, and health. We always enjoy hearing from our community of forward-minded people and using your feedback to continually update and improve our products.

We would love the opportunity to help YOU next!

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