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Crystal Energy and the Endocrine System - Which Gemstone is Right for you?

Crystal Energy and the Endocrine System -  Which Gemstone is Right for you?
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Did you know that our seven “chakras” have physical locations in every one of us? They can be found in the seven glands of the endocrine system. This system is scientifically proven to control the way our bodies function.

Each endocrine gland is synonymous with a colorized, polarized, and energy-susceptible gateway (the chakra). No matter what physical or mental challenge you are facing, it is likely linked to one of the endocrine glands. Understanding this important link gives us the power to use crystal energy to rebalance our endocrine system, and in turn… rebalance our lives.


The 7 endocrine glands control the body as follows:

  • Reproductive glands  - Root chakra (1st)
      • (Testes in men; ovaries in women); controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.
  • Adrenal glands   - Sacral chakra (2nd)
      • Regulates the immune system and metabolism.
  • Pancreas  - Solar Plexus chakra (3rd)
      • Regulates metabolism.
  • Thymus gland -   Heart chakra (4th)
      • Regulates the immune system.
  • Thyroid gland   - Throat chakra (5th)
      • Regulates body temperature and metabolism.
  • Pituitary gland  - Third Eye chakra (6th)
      • Produces hormones and governs the function of the previous five glands; sometimes, the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra as well as to the crown chakra.
  • Pineal gland  - Crown chakra (7th)
      • Regulates biological cycles, including sleep.


“The link between the Chakras and the glands emphasizes the holistic nature of health and demonstrates that you need to maintain a balance in your emotional and mental activities as well as your physical diet and exercise, as they are all deeply interrelated.”


Now that we understand the endocrine glands and the functions they are associated with, it is important to understand the role that crystals/gemstones can play in balancing these functions to promote physical and mental wellbeing.


Beginning Your Gemstone Journey

What will your journey with crystal energy look like, and where do you start?

Each gemstone vibrates at one of the seven frequencies of the endocrine glands. This means that if we are deficient in minerals, it can throw our bodies out of balance. When first exploring the power of gemstones, a calming effect is often noticed before a gradual increase in energy becomes apparent. This is because the cell structures are attaining a state of balance.

Here is a great example of what to expect by Heather of Energy Muse:

“In the beginning of my journey with crystals, there weren’t always drastic shifts. Instead, I found myself changing in subtle ways. The more I connected with these crystals, the more I was able to slow down, take in the moment, and appreciate the beauty around me. That lead me to seek out more of what could fill my spirit with peace and joy.”


Heightening the Benefits of Crystal Energy

The Pyradyne nuclear receptors take the healing power of crystal energy to the next level. The geometrically precise and splendidly brilliant Pyradyne Receptor jewelry is the original 1975 patented Nuclear Receptor, Pyradyne's signature product, invented and patented by Dr. Fred Bell, a quantum physicist, rocket scientist, naturopathic doctor, and nutritionist.

The receptor’s natural properties capture and amplify the power of gemstones, the resonating energy of pyramids, and the life-sustaining pattern of the Fibonacci Curve. Together, these properties aid in shielding the body from harmful interfering frequencies, reducing stress and bringing balance to your life.

Click to learn more about the receptor


Here are the major effects that the main 7 colors of gemstones can have on the endocrine system when worn on the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor:


Diamond Receptor 

EFFECT:  High Energy Boost, Confidence

BODY PARTS AFFECTED:  Pineal Gland, Circulatory System

 Learn More


Smoky Quartz Receptor

Smoky Quartz Pyradyne  Nuclear Receptor

EFFECT:  High Energy Boost, Digestion

BODY PARTS AFFECTED:  Pineal Gland, Liver, Spleen

Learn More


Pink Tourmaline Receptor

EFFECT: Induced Balanced Energy, Emotional Balance, Flexible Thought

BODY PARTS AFFECTED: Heart, Testicles, Endocrine Glands, Spleen, Pituitary

Learn More

Citrine Receptor


EFFECT:  Detoxification, Digestion, Mental Clarity, Self-Confidence

BODY PARTS AFFECTED: Liver, Kidneys, Spleen

Learn More


Emerald Receptor

Emerald Nuclear Receptor Pyraydne

EFFECT:  Weight Control, Balance, Equilibrium, Communication


Learn More


Aquamarine Receptor

Aquamarine Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor

EFFECT:  Boost Immune System, Soothing, Better Communication

BODY PARTS AFFECTED:  Thymus, Heart, Liver, Pituitary

Learn More


Blue Sapphire Receptor

Blue Sapphire Receptor Pyraydne

EFFECT:  Calming, Balancing, Unifying, Integrating, Psychic Activation, Insight Enhancing, Spiritual Clarity, Facilitates Self-Expression


Learn More


Amethyst Receptor 


Amethyst Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor

EFFECT: Sexual Energy, Creative Boost, Generates Vital Energy

BODY PARTS AFFECTED:  Testicles, Pineal Gland, Nervous System, Ears, Spine, Back

Learn More


The nuclear receptor unleashes the stored energies of the gemstone and transmits them via scalar waves deep into the aura of the wearer, where these vital, pure, and perfect increments of life force are transformed into the cells of health and consciousness.


So, which of these gemstone receptors is right for you?


Trusting the first intuition is imperative when choosing your crystal. Try not to doubt yourself. If you are not quite sure, click the link below to explore our simple tests that can be used to find your perfect gemstone.



Send a photo and your full name to - Using this information, we can provide you with a suggested crystal that is 80% accurate compared to testing in person.



Wearing a receptor allows you to rebalance your body, refocus your mind, and take the benefits of crystal energy with you every day, everywhere you go. Understanding this journey can help you to better balance your energy, mind, and spirit.

Wearing the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor








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