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Customer Journeys: Pyramid Meditation, Pro Tips, & Reaching Your Full Potential

Customer Journeys: Pyramid Meditation, Pro Tips, & Reaching Your Full Potential
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Our mission at Pyradyne® is to enhance the health, energy, and consciousness of our customers through the work and legacy of our founder, Dr. Fred Bell. We absolutely love hearing first-hand from our customers on how our products have supported your health and wellness goals. We consider it an honor to be part of your wellness journey. Here are some recent highlights:

Hearing About Your First-Hand Experiences

Pictured below is the wonderful Kyle Lardner wearing our Corinthian Bronze, Gold-Plated Nuclear Receptor with a pink tourmaline gemstone. Each of our Receptors is designed with an intricate balance of gemstone energy, metal vibrations, sacred geometry, and pyramid science in mind. Ancient pyramid science works to unleash the energy of the other elements of the Receptor. We loved hearing about Kyle’s experience and how each of those elements combined to guide her body into a more balanced state.

Holographic Jewelry

Exchanging Tips:

We are incredibly proud of our diverse collection of Pyradyne® products. Each product is unique, yet they honor Dr. Fred Bell’s belief in the principles of pyramid science, nature, pure ingredients, and beauty.

Miniature Pyramid

Our Orgone-Plated Pyramids in particular have a wide range of uses – from alkalizing drinks and preserving produce, to increasing productivity (when worn as a headgear pyramid), to recharging gemstones. When used as a gemstone pyramid, the Miniature Pyradome has the power to draw energy into your gemstone or Receptor, allowing them to be recharged and experienced to their potential.

Miniature Pyramid

We love sharing our favorite product uses, but we have also picked up some pro tips from you guys… like this one from Barbara Jones when she responded to our Facebook question: “How do you use the Mini Pyradome?”  As you can see from her response, simply placing an Orgone Pyramid in your home or office can attract positive energy.

Watching you reach your fullest potential

One of our favorite aspects of creating our range of products is seeing how they help our customers reach their fullest potential. Pyramid meditation is one way that we see individuals re-center their minds. Simply wearing a Headgear Pyramid while meditating can help to quiet the mind.

Here you can see one of our customers wearing the The Firedome, our 24-Karat Gold and Copper Meditation Pyramid.

Pyramid Hat

So, to wrap this all up – whether you’re a fan of our Gemstone Pyramid, the beautiful design and pyramid science behind our Receptors, or anything in-between... we would like to thank you for sharing your stories with us and allowing us to be part of your journey.

Megan Bell

In the words of Megan Bell:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of our amazing customers, it is because of you that we are able to keep my fathers legacy alive and well! Seeing his work make a difference in your lives inspires me every day. Here's to a more aligned mind, body, and spirit in 2020 and beyond!”

 ~Megan Bell



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