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DNA: The Manual and Toolkit for Life

DNA: The Manual and Toolkit for Life
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DNA is life’s instruction manual. Simply put, each and every living organism is a combination of millions and billions of strands of DNA which determine how an organism looks, acts, and thinks. The human body, for example, contains over 3 billion DNA sequences. DNA is incredibly important, and is the code that creates YOU.

However, as important as it is, DNA is also very delicate and can become damaged fairly easily. Damaged DNA can result in life altering consequences such as genetic disorders, disease, and even death. So how does DNA damage occur, and how can we help our body fight against losing the essence of ourselves?

As hard as this is to hear, every living being’s DNA is being damaged each and every day.  In fact, DNA can be damaged simply from day-to-day cellular processes that happen inside the body as DNA is replicated. 

External factors also play a role. Outside influences, such as radiation, emf, cigarette smoke, and UV light, for example, can accelerate DNA damage beyond normal wear and tear. In fact, the human body has the potential to experience up to 1 million DNA breaks per day.

The consequences of DNA damage can be severe.  In some cases, damaged DNA can cause human defects such as Down Syndrome, Cockayne Syndrome, and more. Damage to our body’s instruction manual can also be the start of disease, such as cancer or immunodeficiency disorders.

Luckily, our cells have found a clever way to monitor themselves to remain healthy, intact, and repair damaged DNA.

If our cells notice a damaged piece of a DNA strand, they send in special proteins, which act as a DIY repair kit. These proteins are similar to different tools in a tool box and have different jobs for specific problems. Certain proteins will repair single base damage, single strand breaks, and most importantly, double strand breaks, which can lead to cell death and eventually disease. So, does this understanding of the DNA toolbox repair kit change how science looks at healing? Short answer - YES!

As science progresses, a new era of understanding DNA and how life works. Scientists continue to dig deeper into understanding how DNA can be assisted or manipulated to reduce diseases and prevent harmful side effects of treatments. This new-age of science looks within our own bodies to seek repairs, rather than utilizing harmful and life threatening medicines.

No matter how advanced science becomes,  it will always be important to take care of your body, and thus, your DNA.  When you reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, radiation, and frequencies, you give your DNA and cells the chance to thrive! Clean eating, clean living, and nutrition are keys to a happy and healthy life… and thankfully, God designed us with a built-in program to help our bodies heal ourselves along the way. 


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  • Casey: September 21, 2020

    Great article! DNA is the incredible building block and roof of life!

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