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Dr. Fred Bell: A Legacy of Consciousness

Dr. Fred Bell: A Legacy of Consciousness
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Founded in 1975, Pyradyne was the creation of the lifelong forwarding-thinker, inventor, and scientist, Dr. Fred Bell. Although he passed in 2011, his legacy lives on. His life’s work continues to impact countless people through the energy-harnessing powers of Pyradyne products. So if you had the opportunity to meet Dr. Fred Bell at a dinner party, how would he describe himself?

As the humble man he was, Dr. Bell would describe himself something like…

 “Oh.. I don’t know… I’m a child of the universe, I suppose.”

Regardless of his extensive knowledge, lengthy education, impressive work history, and profound research experience with agencies such as the CIA and NASA, Dr. Fred Bell was aware there was always more to learn from the world around him. Throughout his career, Dr. Bell provided a variety of work for government projects before transitioning his focus and knowledge to Pyradyne. As a father of 3 daughters, one of his top priorities was working to make the world a better place for future generations.

Dr. Fred Bell used his knowledge of science and the human body and applied this to Pyradyne’s revolutionary products. He created them to be both beautiful and intricately crafted to achieve their status as “The Most Functional Jewelry in the World.” Understanding that life is intraceltly connected and influenced by our very consciousness, Dr. Bell was able to further the thinking and consciousness of our community.

As explained by him:

”If you look at the complete blueprint of the red blood cell, every time something changes in your brain, something changes in the blood cell. So everything is all connected. We’re moving into the space where we can look at the actual blueprint of all creation.”

Utilizing his ground-breaking technology and understanding of life, Dr. Fred Bell and the Pyradyne team went to work to bring forth a collection of powerful devices for the modern world.

“It took us about 20 years to develop this technology, and now we have them in a lot of places. I have so many references from people who have no idea how they work, but they know they work and they know they do something very powerful.”

Although Dr. Fred Bell has moved beyond his life on this planet, his legacy lives on through Pyradyne, his family, and the thousands of lives he continues to impact. We will never forget the impact he has left on our Earth and we are forever thankful for his hard-work and genuine passion to leave the World better than when he arrived.

Watch this short video to hear more from Fred Bell himself:


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