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Dr. Fred Bell: Who Was The Founder & Creator of Pyradyne®?

Dr. Fred Bell: Who Was The Founder & Creator of Pyradyne®?
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Founded in 1975, Pyradyne® is the creation of Dr. Fred Bell®, a lifelong forward-thinker, inventor, and scientist. Pyradyne® was the product by Dr. Bell’s desire to improve people’s quality of life by raising their vibrational state and promoting advanced health supplementation. Dr. Bell’s incredible life, education, experience, and passion to help the future become a better place is the reason that Pyradyne®’s products are so effective and loved by so many of you around the world.

Read More About the Life of Dr. Fred Bell:

Dr. Fred Bell’s extensive life experience took him through a college education at the early age of 14. Attending the University of Michigan, the teen had the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Donald L. Kats, a physicist who was brought to the USA from Germany after WWII. During his time at UM, the young Fred Bell assisted his mentor on a magnetic disintegration project (later known as the Philadelphia Experiment), a high temperature fusion experiment, bumble project (later known as Cold Fusion), and shockwave experiment that led to the classification of high altitude nuclear blasts, nuclear explosions over water, underground nuclear blasts, and nuclear explosions at ground level.

After receiving his comprehensive education, Fred Bell enlisted into the United States Air Force. It was here that Fred Bell had the opportunity to work on exclusive governmental projects, notably early warning radar defense systems.

Dr. Bell’s career guided him into the private defense sector. Here, he worked on projects such as Star Wars, laser development, Saturn Rocket second stage deployment, the Eyelass Project and with organizations including American Aviation, Rockendyne, and NASA. Fred Bell continued to work in the private sector as a consultant for various companies, hospitals, schools, colleges, and mental institutions. A true renaissance man, Dr. Bell’s projects had no bounds as he tackled topics including computer science, biological science, medical science, environmental testing, quality control, weaponry, aircraft, research, advanced propulsion technologies, and a variety of other technical issues.

Following a successful career in the defense sector, Fred felt called to use his knowledge of science and his impressive educational background to create a better future. In the 1970’s Fred left his line of work and instead studied Eastern philosophy, trained with Himalayan teachers, and received his Ph. D in Homeopathic Medicine, becoming a practicing chiropractor and naturopath.

In 1975, Dr. Fred Bell used his combined knowledge of science and the human body and applied it to Pyradyne®’s revolutionary products. He created them to be both beautiful and intricately crafted to achieve their status as “The Most Functional Jewelry in the World.” Understanding that life is intraceltly connected and influenced by our very consciousness, Dr. Bell was able to further the thinking and consciousness of our community.

As Explained by Dr. Bell Himself:

”If you look at the complete blueprint of the red blood cell, every time something changes in your brain, something changes in the blood cell. So everything is all connected. We’re moving into the space where we can look at the actual blueprint of all creation.”

Utilizing his ground-breaking technology and understanding of life, Dr. Fred Bell and the Pyradyne® team went to work to bring forth a collection of powerful devices for the modern world.

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