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Drinking Pyradyne’s Leafy Greens Superfood Everyday for 2 Weeks: Here’s What Happened

Drinking Pyradyne’s Leafy Greens Superfood Everyday for 2 Weeks: Here’s What Happened
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If you asked me the question: “Do you eat enough green vegetables every day?” My answer would be something like… “No… Well, kind of? Sometimes...”

Countless individuals around the globe run into this same dilemma. No matter how healthy our diets are or how hard we try, a sufficient amount of greens is often lacking from the average diet. 

That’s why I decided to start incorporating Pyradyne’s Leafy Green Superfood into my daily routine. Two weeks have gone by, 14 glasses of Leafy Greens have been consumed. Here’s what happened...

Day 1

Starting off the week feeling great! I love the natural pineapple flavor of the Leafy Greens Superfood. It will definitely be something that I look forward to each day. Let’s see what happens! 

Day 2

Still loving the flavor and looking forward to drinking it each day. I feel good knowing that I’m giving my body the nutrients it has been lacking for so long. 

Day 3

Not sure the direct benefits I’m experiencing yet, but overall I’m feeling alert and positive. My boyfriend asked for a sip and loved the flavor so much he asked me to make him a glass too!  

Day 4

Felt a little tired this morning. Ate a protein bar for breakfast and was still feeling a little sluggish until I remembered to mix up my Leafy Greens. I could feel my energy increasing as soon as I finished the drink. 

Day 5

I made a really delicious smoothie with the Leafy Greens this morning. Without a doubt the most energy-boosting breakfast I’ve had in awhile… I need to make this a regular thing. 

Day 6

I felt much more energized during my workout today. I completed this same workout a few weeks ago and noticed a real difference in how I felt afterwards this time! 

Day 7

My energy and focus is great today! Typically I need a second (or third) cup of coffee by mid-day, but today that thought didn’t even cross my mind.

Day 8

I’m noticing a real improvement in my digestion. I usually experience bloating, but it has really gone down after consistently drinking Leafy Greens for a week. Really thankful for that! 

Day 9

I forgot to drink my Leafy Greens Superfood this morning and found myself feeling a little bit low-energy throughout the day. I realized I’d forgotten at about 8pm and mixed up a healthy smoothie for dessert following this recipe. So delicious and love to know that it’s helping to boost my immune system too. 

Day 10 

My workouts are definitely improving with Leafy Greens as fuel. I read that it is specifically formulated to add lean muscle which is an exciting added benefit!

Day 11

I did the same workout as I did on day 6 (where I already noticed improvements) and felt even better than before! My body definitely feels like it’s performing at a higher level now that it’s receiving more nutrients.

Day 12

Didn’t even have a coffee today and barely noticed a lack of energy (which is a big deal for me!)

Day 13 

Two weeks flew by! Had an important meeting early this morning and felt alert, focused, and ready for anything. 

Day 14 

No doubt I’ll be continuing to drink Leafy Greens. After only 2 weeks I’ve experienced noticeable and consistent improvements in both my digestion and my energy levels. Highly recommended! 

In summary, I would recommend Pyradyne’s Leafy Greens Superfood to anyone out there who’s looking for a simple and delicious way to improve digestion, increase your energy, and fine-tune your focus. Although I was already quite healthy, this supplement pointed out lags in my energy that I didn't even realize were there. 

If any of this sounded interesting to you, I highly recommend giving it a try. Here’s to health and wellness for all!

You can learn more about the science behind the formulation of this supplement and all of it’s benefits here:


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