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Elevate the Benefits of Fasting with this Amazing Trace Mineral Formula from Pyradyne®

Elevate the Benefits of Fasting with this Amazing Trace Mineral Formula from Pyradyne®
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For many years, countless customers and the Pyradyne team have enjoyed the amazing benefits from our Pyralyte© Trace Mineral Formula. This powerful supplement is a complete source of trace and base minerals, vitamins, enzymes and herbs. These rich sources of minerals help to support cell to cell communication to help bring your body up to a higher level of electrical being.

While this product is perfect for daily use, utilizing Pyralyte© during times of fasting can provide unbelievable support to your body.

How To Take Pyralyte When Fasting

Regardless if you are fasting for 1 day or for multiple days, the ingredient profile in Pyralyte© will help you get through each day with the mental and physical strength to feel your best while giving your body and digestive system the rest it deserves.

First thing in the morning after waking up, take the recommended 2 scoops with 8 oz of filtered water. Then, every 4 hours take another 2 scoops with water until you’ve completed your fast.



So… Why Is Pyralyte© So Important To Use When Fasting?

Since your body is not receiving essential minerals, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes from foods and other drinks, Pyralyte© is a powerful way to stay hydrated, clear minded, focused, mentally sharp, and a feeling of being satisfied while on your fast.

Pyradyne® team member Atif, has been fasting intermittently now for over 3 straight weeks, and with a demanding career in Real Estate, Pyralyte© gives him the energy he needs to perform his work with excellence.


We are confident that you too will have a similar experience and will absolutely love the benefits and results from fasting with Pyralyte© trace and base minerals.

For more information on the Pyralyte© trace mineral and electrolyte formula and how to get yours, go to today + Check out Atif’s full video and a review by Sara Ward below!



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