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From The Mind of a Quantum Physicist: Dr. Fred Bell’s Radio Show, Writings & More

From The Mind of a Quantum Physicist:  Dr. Fred Bell’s Radio Show, Writings & More
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Dr. Fred Bell was an engineer, quantum physicist, instrumentation expert, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, musician, author, and so much more. His incredible life history led him on a path through education, the U.S Air Force, profound research, experiences working with agencies like the CIA and NASA, and eventually to naturopathic health and medicine & the creation of Pyradyne®.
For many years, Dr. Fred Bell shared his knowledge with the world in many forms. He authored many books, created his own radio show, and spoke on countless other programs to talk with anyone who was open to a conversation.

You too can access the knowledge and legacy of Dr. Fred Bell👇

Stream the Exclusive Dr. Fred Bell Radio Show

Full of lectures, interviews and fascinating stories, there is no topic out of reach for Dr. Fred Bell. The links below lead to episodes that cover a variety of topics from nutrition and pyramid technology, biology, quantum biology and quantum physics, to spaceship technology and how to achieve a better life.

These talks serve as a base to understand the technologies behind Pyradyne® products.

Click the below to explore over 71 episodes from Dr. Fred Bell.


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Books/eBooks Written By Dr. Fred Bell

Dr. Fred Bell’s long and successful career began early in life. At the young age of 14-15 Dr. Bell studied at the University of Michigan where he was mentored by physicists. Here, his journey began. Years in the Air Force, working on projects such as SDI (Project Star Wars), ultimately led him to become a consultant for private companies, government agencies, hospitals, schools, and more on topics such as computer sciences, biological science, medical science, advanced propulsion technologies (just to name a few).
Dr. Bell then studied Eastern philosophy, and trained with Himalayan teachers. Eventually, he became a practicing chiropractor and naturopath after receiving his PH.D in Homeopathic Medicine.
His lessons, knowledge, and experiences are now available for us to read. In his written collection, Dr. Fred Bell covers a variety of topics such as quantum physics, protection from EMF and other harmful waves, galactic consciousness, pyramid and shape energy, pollution and more . 
These publications are available to access in print and eBook versions.


Dr. Fred Bell Collection


For those that knew him, Dr. Fred Bell had an amazingly kind heart and was always happy and willing to share the information he knew with everyone around him. Although he no longer is with us on this earth, his legacy lives on through his inventions, books, radio shows, and more.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Bell’s extensive educational and scientific past as well as his mission with Pyradyne.


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