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Get to Know The Quantum Receptor Series: 4 Beautiful & Functional Jewelry Designs

Get to Know The Quantum Receptor Series: 4 Beautiful & Functional Jewelry Designs
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Let’s get to know the Quantum Receptor Series!

Designed and patented by Dr. Fred Bell, Pyradyne’s Quantum Receptors are based on Dr. Fred Bell’s years and years of experiments and research. Below, we’ll be going through our Quantum Receptor series to explain the differences and help you understand what sets each piece apart so you can best choose the Receptor that is right for you!

Each of our four super-focused Quantum Series Receptors has a function that separates it from the original Nuclear Receptor design. Our Quantum Series is beautiful and functional energy jewelry that balances and rejuvenates the body. Those who wear a Quantum Receptor often feel detoxified, pure, full of energy, alert, and free of negative frequencies.

The original Nuclear Receptor design works on a radionic, scalar wave principle, where the center gemstone provides the proper modulation frequencies for the Receptor to perform its many functions. The Quantum Series Receptors, on the other hand, can handle MULTIPLE GEMSTONES because the newer Quantum bridges allow a modulation of SEVERAL FREQUENCIES AT ONCE.  So different effects may be achieved with these Quantum Series Receptors.

With a better understanding of the Quantum Series, let’s go through each design!



Negotiator Receptor

quantum heart receptor


First up is our Negotiator Receptor. The Negotiator Receptor is the most diverse of all the Receptors in design and function. The beautifully geometrical design contains 19 gemstones  — 1 center stone and 18 smaller gemstones.

Because the Negotiator Receptor can modulate several frequencies at the same time, you may design your custom pendant using a variety of colored gemstones. You may also choose a single color of gemstone for the entire pendant. Choosing one color helps you focus on improving one frequency in the body at a time. One color gemstone offers a stronger effect by having more g on the pendant.

This design produces a very strong tunneling and focused energy and with its six arms, the Negotiator Receptor enables the wearer to multi-task.

This Quantum Receptor is best suited for any business owners, lawyers, students, doctors and other professionals as this receptor assists in transmuting the goal of the wearer into completion.



Christos Cross Receptor

Christos Cross Receptor

This beautiful design in the Quantum Series is the Christos Cross Receptor. This beautiful design contains 13 gemstones — 1 center stone and 12 smaller gemstones.

In contrast to the Negotiator Receptor, the Christos Cross Receptor produces a very calm, feathering energy. The Christos Cross Receptor is a beautifully peaceful high-tech receptor that helps to increase your energy and well-being.

When worn regularly, it enables the body to process away negative energies, transforming them into positive ones.

Those who wear the Christos Cross Receptor often experience very deep meditations, a sense of quietness within the body, and feelings of euphoria.

Quantum Heart

This unique design is the Quantum Heart Receptor. This Receptor focuses on balancing the heart and mind of the wearer.

This Receptor can produce a stabilizing, calm and peaceful feeling. Those who wear the Quantum Heart Receptor have experienced powerful mental acceleration and clarity, and quantum state experiences!

The Pyradyne Quantum Heart Receptor is an amazing necklace device that, when properly understood and utilized, can assist you to once again see, hear, sense and feel the correct way to balance yourself within the sea of energies moving around you and through you.



Ank Receptor

ank receptor Pyradyne

The final Receptor in the Quantum Series is the Ank Receptor. The Ank Receptor allows the wearer to discover "past blockages" and bring them forward into the quantum state to repair. 

This can greatly enhance the intellectual state latent in you—that are blocked by outside energies such as peer pressure, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) radiation, cellular, WiFi, satellite transmissions, and general environmental pollution. The Ank Receptor may help you resolve previous experiences and traumas, and balance those emotions. You may also feel a more rapid energy increase.

The exquisite design of the Ank Receptor jewelry pendant contains 23 gemstones — 1 center stone and 22 smaller gemstones.  As with all of the Quantum Series Receptors, choose multiple colored gemstones or focus on a single color gemstone for a stronger effect!

I hope this video has helped you better understand the Quantum Receptor Series! Dr. Fred Bell truly left behind a gift in each and every design of these Receptors.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these Negotiator, Christos Cross, Quantum Heart, or Ank Receptors, I would recommend checking out our website! You can download our FREE Receptor E-book and read amazing reviews from individuals who have worn and experienced the shift from wearing Pyradyne’s Receptors.


View each beautiful design and learn more by watching this video! 

If you have any specific questions, send them to us through social media or reach out to our support team through email.




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