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Gods Medicine: Raw Garlic

Gods Medicine: Raw Garlic
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Garlic is wonderful. Some call it natures antibiotic, it has many uses and certainly many health benefits. Personally I take one raw clove every day chopped up with 8oz of water, and I would say it differently seems to keep sickness at bay! Having a 5 year old and a 2 year old who catch everything and bring it home, natural defenses are definitely needed. 

Garlic may help lower inflammation.

The Mediterranean diet has shown to be one of the most heart healthy diets you can eat, and being married to a Jordanian definitely helps because his family makes everything from scratch, so I've learned a lot about food.

Inflammation can occur internally and externally. Garlic and its active ingredient allicin can provide anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits for the entire body when taken in several forms, according to research published in Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry. 



Garlic's great for fighting off illnesses.

As I said earlier, I've noticed a lot less sickness since taking garlic every day. I put a reminder in my phone everyday to "pop a garlic", no joke. But there are many other people who swear by swallowing a whole, raw clove of garlic too when they're not feeling well.

The allicin in garlic is converted by your body into compounds that contain sulfur, which then help to bolster your white blood cells' response to viruses, according to studies.

This immune-boosting function that garlic provides isn't just beneficial when you're not feeling too well. Healthier white blood cells help to improve immune function over time, making you better equipped to fend off illness and preventing you from becoming sick in the first place. Garlic is super gut friendly, so be sure to incorporate into your daily cooking!


 Good for the blood. 

Garlic is also suppose to be a good aid for the blood. When blood clots occur in the deepest veins in our bodies — a condition known as deep vein thrombosis.  

Blood clots left untreated are not good news, internal blood clots which affect almost a million Americans each year, cause approximately 100,000 deaths according to the CDC.

Eating lots of garlic in your diet may be an easy way to prevent these kinds of blood clots. "Compounds in garlic have been shown to decrease the 'stickiness' of our platelets and have anti-clotting properties," says registered dietitian nutritionist Wendy Bazilian. This may help prevent not only conditions like DVT and its consequences, but also the hardening of arteries from plaque build-up, which can increase the chances of getting heart disease.

Garlic can help boost your brain.

This one is important for me. Brain health is something that is overlooked but crucial as we age because cognitive decline begins more rapidly after the age of 40.

Aged garlic extract can help support learning skills and memory function, as well as reduce the effects of cognitive degeneration via protection and maintenance of brain neurons.

According to research garlic could also be an important ally in the fight against brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease which are age-related. Aged garlic extract comes in many forms, including a pill and could help to combat certain changes in the brain that come before the development of Alzheimer's and other brain conditions, according to research published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine.



God made all kinds of healing herbs for our bodies. Let us utilize them and make the most of these magical gifts! The body was designed to heal itself under the right conditions and environments. Isn't that amazing?!


"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You Even Saw and Loved Me before I Was Born."

- Psalm 139:13-14


Love & Blessings,

Megan Bell x

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