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Healing Gemstone Jewelry for Stress Management

Healing Gemstone Jewelry for Stress Management
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Stress and anxiety are commonplace in today’s society. With having to contend with long commutes, grueling work schedules, and juggling kids’ busy calendars, it is no wonder people are often in stressful situations. Long-term or chronic stress can wreak havoc on your health, cause confusion in your mind, and make you unproductive. So how can you alleviate stress, or at least make it manageable?

How Does Healing Gemstone Jewelry Work?

Scientists have known for centuries that gemstones have healing properties. Therefore, in many ancient cultures, they were worn in crowns, rings and around the neck to promote health and well-being. Often referred to as color therapy, each gemstone stimulates an area of the body resulting in increased vitality, harmony, and the reduction of stress and anxiety. As the gemstone touches the body, it removes blockages of the chakra that come about because of emotional trauma, poor diet, drinking, or substance abuse. Once the energy gets to flowing freely through the body, it builds a defense system against negative feelings and emotions such as fear, depression, worry, and anger.

Choose Your Receptor

The  PyradyneⓇ Nuclear Receptor offers an easy, stylish and modern way to wear these healing gemstones. With your purchase, you will receive a receptor pendant, chain, and seven gemstones. Nuclear receptors come in sterling silver, alloy and bronze finishes. They are versatile and can be worn with a suit or gym clothes.  

Seven Gemstones

The seven gemstones are interchangeable and are meant to be worn daily on your PyradyneⓇ Receptor. The white or diamond stone will give you added energy. However, if you tend to become anxious, the brown, or smoky quartz might be ideal for calming you down and giving you a sense of peace. The pink tourmaline will enhance your mood, while the citrine, or yellow/orange gemstone will boost your self-confidence. Both the aquamarine and emerald gemstones are great for improving communication and building positive relationships. Want to feel complete or whole? Wear the blue sapphire stone.

On the PyradyneⓇ website, there are several tests that you can take to help you determine what healing gemstone jewelry you should start out wearing.


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