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How Pyradyne Products Have Changed My Life: Hamish’s Story

How Pyradyne Products Have Changed My Life: Hamish’s Story
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Before wearing his Nuclear Receptor and Pyradome, Hamish McGee experienced sleepless nights, foggy mornings, and a lack of mental clarity. After wearing his Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor for less than an hour, he started to feel the harmonizing effects, and the story continues…. As he became more energized and focused, Hammish shared his experiences and knowledge with his family. Now, he wants to share his story with you.

Read below for his full testimony. 

“I have been wearing the Gold Plated Nuclear Receptor with an aquamarine gemstone since March 2019 and I wear this on a daily basis. I also have the Pyradome pyramid which I use for head wear at home during the day. I also use it to charge my Receptor daily (at night) and I also place a glass of water under the pyramid for at least 12 hours to ionise my water which I drink the next day.

Upon first wearing the Receptor, I felt the effects within 15-20 minutes. My mind felt energised and I had an uptick of mental clarity. Later that night and subsequent nights, my sleep patterns were much calmer and non-disruptive. Before wearing the Receptor I often woke up in the middle of the night 2-3 times for no apparent reason which became exhausting over time. Now I experienced far deeper sleeps and I have had a lot of vivid dreams whilst wearing the Receptor and Pyradome. 

During the day and specifically in the mornings and early afternoons (after lunch), I use to get a tired, heavy eyed feeling (brain fog) setting in. But since wearing the Receptor I no longer experience these daily mental setbacks. I believe the benefits of the receptor and pyramid have removed a great deal of toxins from the body which has enhanced my mental state to one that is more natural. 

I recently cleaned my Receptor and under the bridges/archway I noticed a build up in substance. I used a bright light and wooden toothpick to scrape out the material and to my shock it was a dirty looking solid piece of metal about the size of a match head. This substance was under two of the archways. I believe these were toxins that have been sucked out of my body from the 8 months of wearing the receptor. My father also wears a receptor and I applied the same cleaning technique and to my amazement there was also the same material under the bridges/archways. His receptor face also appeared dirty and I believe these substances are toxins which have been cleansed from the body. As part of my regular cleaning routine I will now be more attentive to the space/gap under the bridges that connect to the receptor’s face.

Four family members frequently wear and use the nuclear receptors and pyradome pyramids and we have all described similar experiences mentioned above. My father who is 65 has noticed his eyesight has improved greatly! When I first began wearing my receptor and pyramid I decided to give it a ‘stress test’ and see how much additional mental endurance it would give me during a late night work session. I decided to wear my receptor and pyramid late into the night - approximately 1am-2am on many many occasions. During these late night working sessions I worked in front of a computer and read various documents. During these late night working sessions my mental focus remained extremely high! I did not experience any mental fatigue whilst wear my Pyradyne technologies which was very exciting. I have done these late night working sessions on 10+ occasions and so have family members. We have all confirmed we remained mentally energised, and retained high mental focus late into the night. Prior to wearing Pyradyne technologies, I would get sleepy around 10pm meaning my productivity levels were very low which deterred me from working on personal projects at night. 

Due to the effectiveness of this amazing technology, I have now got into the habit of taking my receptor off at 7pm each night so I don’t experience high amounts of energies leading late into the night.

Noting my experiences above, I would recommend the receptor and pyradome pyramid to anybody who is willing to give something new and healthy a try. I have been so impressed with the positive benefits of this technology I now have a Quantum Receptor (The Negotiator) and Powerdome (Silver) Pyramid on order. I am extremely excited to receive these high level products and look forward to wearing them.”

Hamish McGee - Testimony (28th November 2019)

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  • Jack Waters: January 25, 2020

    I can totally relate to your story Hamish, this is what I experienced too. Some people criticized me but I have to say the receptor really does work for me, it’s affects are undeniable.

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