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Is there Anything Comparable to PYRADYNE? Megan Bell Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Anything Comparable to PYRADYNE? Megan Bell Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
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If you happened to be on Instagram at the right time last week, you could have tuned into an exclusive LIVE Q&A with Pyradyne’s Megan Bell!

Megan is the daughter of NASA rocket scientist and Pyradyne founder, the late Dr. Fred Bell. Megan has been involved with Pyrdayne her whole life, and has worn a Receptor since the age of 6.

Despite becoming a new mother (and the lack of sleep that naturally comes with having a 3 year old and a newborn), Megan was more than happy to sit down with our Instagram community to go answer some of our most frequently asked questions about Pyradyne, our jewelry, pyramids, and more.

Make sure to watch the full Q&A video (now uploaded to YouTube) here(link) or read below for an overview! 

Question 1: How often do you wear your Receptor?

“I wear mine pretty much every day. Having the baby on my a lot, I take it off and put it on again, and I forget to put it back on sometimes and I can always tell the difference when I don’t. I try to wear it as much as I can”



Question 2: How often does the Receptor need to be recharged? Do I need a Pyramid to do so?

The Receptor doesn't really need to be charged. It definitely can be put inside a pyramid if you want to see how it feels, but isn’t necessary for the Receptor to work.



Question 3: What is the influence behind the swirl design of the Nuclear Receptor?

The inside swirl is part of the Cassegrain Design. My father, Dr. Fred Bell, was a NASA Rocket Scientist and he designed the Receptor based on Cassegrain, which is the scaling down of the parabolic dish. Basically it's a great big satellite that receives.

My father used the Cassegrain method combined with the Fibonacci spiral of life in the design of the Nuclear Receptor. 



Question 4: Does the Receptor work best if prominently displayed? I would prefer to be more discrete.

You can wear it inside or outside your clothes, that doesn’t matter.

When we used to do live auric measuring at trade shows, you could see there was a further extension of your auric field by 2 feet when displayed so there is that added benefit, but it still works just as well when it is worn inside your clothing.



Question 5: What is your faith? Just curious, you seem interesting

I actually did a video on that, so I won’t go into it too far, but I am a Christian. I met the lord a few years ago now. I used to believe in all sorts of things, and think I was very spiritual. In fact, I wasn’t very spiritual. Well... I was spiritual… I let all kinds of spirits around me, and affect me, and I didn’t realize it until I had an amazing experience with God.

He revealed himself to me and talked to me and it was the most incredible encounter. After that everything changed. All of my views - Everything in my life changed.

So, I am a Christian.

I am not a part of a man-made religion, in that sense. I am a biblical christian, which means I believe what the bible says. Which is very different from other man-made religions that requires you to do certain things in order to be accepted by god.



Question 6: How do I clean my Receptor?

Depending on which one you have and which metal you have you can use an ultrasonic cleaner, a silver cleaner, a toothbrush cause as you can see, there is a lot of detail, and you’ll want to get into the grooves.  A toothbrush is very handy for that.

You want to treat it like regular jewelry still. You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals, especially if it’s just the plated version

A lot of jewelry stores also offer a high-pressure steam clean, which is great because it doesn’t cost you anything and get your Receptor looking brand new, which is awesome.



Question 7: Is there anything comparable to Pyradyne?

Not that I’m aware of. I get this question a lot, and there isn’t anything out there that is comparable to pyradyne as far as the Receptor and Projector goes. They are patented necklaces, which protects it from being copied.

There is Patrick Flanigans, who was a friend of my father’s, who. But it doesn’t have the shape technology, the bridge, the Cassegrain Technology or a gemstone.  Once tested, it doesn’t work in the same way at all.

Other than that, there isn't anything out there that is comparable, which is really cool because it makes Pyradyne really unique.


Question 8: What are the Pyramids made from?

It depends on which one. It’s either steel or titanium. Titanium is better, because it is a purer metal, but the steel ones still work really really well.

The Pyradome, Vitamin and Firedome are all steel. The Powerdomes are made from Titanium. 

The “Secret Sauce” is the 7-layered plating technique that my father came up with, which is found in all Pyramids.



Question 9: What's the difference between a chakra and the endocrine system?

They are basically the same. “Chakra” is an indian word that derives from Indian Traditions. The word “Chakra” means “energy wheel”. They are pretty much the same thing as the endocrine system. Chakra is a fancy, fun word that people like to use, but they mean basically the same thing.



Question 10: What did you feel when first starting to wear the Receptor?

Well I started wearing it when I was 6, so it’s hard to say. But I will say this, going back between england and the states, I would wear the Receptor in the s . I always felt really good, really clear, happy, but then I would go back to England and I would eventually, as a kid going to a teenager, I would stop wearing it. 

But every summer, I would go back to my Dad’s and would wear my Receptor again. I knew there was something to it, I couldn’t understand what it did but I knew I had more energy, felt clearer, and was able to focus.

When I don’t wear it for a period of time and  put my Receptor back on, I always think to myself “Wow!  How did I go so long without wearing this!”



Question 11: What is your most amazing experience with a Pyradyne Product?

As far as testimonies, some of the most amazing things we’ve ever heard of tumors disappearing, cancer slowing down, growth of cancers stopping. This happened when I was a kid to one of my mom’s friends in England. She survived another 15-20 years or so and wore her everyday. She even asked to be buried in her Receptor.

I’m super sensitive to things like that, and I’m truly grateful to my dad. I really do believe he created something that was for the future, that would be so needed and I so wish he was here to see it.

We have a lot of testimonies and reviews on our website. Click here to check them out.

For those interested in hearing the full Q&A with Megan, follow this link to check out the video on Pyradyne’s YouTube channel.

Do you have any questions that you’d like Megan to answer? Leave them in the comments of this blog, on our Instagram, or on our recent Youtube Video and she will answer them in her next video!


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