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4 Tips to Boost Your Happiness: Suggestions from the Pyradyne Community

4 Tips to Boost Your Happiness: Suggestions from the Pyradyne Community
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Across the globe, our amazing community of dreamers, scientists, yogis, healers, coaches, and many more like-minded individuals are focusing on making the world around them a better place! Pyradyne’s Receptors, Pyramids, supplements, books, and more help set you on the right path for your goals! Manifest, achieve, and live out your dreams.

Read on to hear how our community is using Pyradyne to make an impact on their lives and the people around them:


Manifesting Tranquillity in Uncertain Times

Meditation isn’t always easy. Sometimes the little voice inside our heads doesn’t want to quiet down. Just like Brooke Lightstone, when we feel overwhelmed or over-stimulated, the Pyradome is the perfect meditation tool to help refocus our minds and intentions. 

Brooke (@brookelightstone on Instagram) explains how the Pyradome has helped her navigate uncertainty:

“With everything that’s going on, it hasn’t been easy to drop into my meditation practice every morning. Then my Pyradome arrived!! I’m super grateful for my Pyradome by @pyradyne. This little pyramid on my head has BIG healing powers.
  • Reactivates my energy field and awakens the meditation centers in my brain
  • Raises my consciousness and connects me to my higher wisdom
  • Creates tranquility and balance
  • Provides greater concentration and the deepest meditations I’ve ever had
  • The hubby and I have a hard time sharing this magnificent tool!”


The Receptor as a Conscious Reminder

Making life changes can be extremely difficult. Life Coach, Jennifer Lyn, suggests using the Nuclear Receptor as a Structure to remind you to be intentional throughout your your day.


Thank you to @coachjenniferlynn for sharing this helpful information on using structures as helpful reminders:

“STRUCTURES - One of my favorite coaching tools to use with clients. Structures can be anything to help remind you to do, be present with, consciously notice, embody or take action on. It can be a simple phone reminder to breathe or journal, but I much prefer TANGIBLE structures like a handwritten note strategically placed, small token, a crystal in your pocket, or special piece of jewelry. The @pyradyne Receptor shown is my daily structure. When I put it on I pause and acknowledge what my intentions are. I place it over my head and begin to embody the traits I most desire. As I move about my day it naturally reminds me to be conscious. I love this structure for me because I don’t normally wear jewelry so making an effort to put it on and feel it keeps me present. I strongly encourage you to pick structures that you LOVE and will be beautiful reminders as you’re shedding old skin and moving consciously into your next timeline.”



A Positive Tool for All Ages

Children are like sponges, picking up any and all information. Remember to set an example for the children in your life. The way we treat our children is the way they will treat our world and everyone in it!


We love this message from @smartbirdmovement on Instagram:

“Kids emulate what they see all the time. Big sister’s dress, mama’s necklace and a whole lotta attitude. It’s a big part of how they learn and develop behaviors.
Wanna know something cool? ADULTS CAN EMULATE TOO!
As adults we can change the way we act, respond and think just by emulating other people that inspire us. It’s also known as behavior modeling in the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
As you start to emulate successful people, your brain will actually change how it processes information and impact your behavior. So, the phrase “fake it til you make it” is actually legit. (Reference: (Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies by Romilla Ready and Kate Burton)”



Make Room For Growth

Are you making room to grow as a person? Spending time with yourself and your thoughts is an incredible way to see big personal changes. Spend a few minutes in meditation each day and just see the transformation that occurs within you,

TIP: Meditate using the Pyradome for enhanced clarity and focus.

@jacoblovesbeingalive on Instagram practices every day to recenter, find balance, and move through each day with intention. He shared his advice on how approach each day:

“Daily practices to get into Love Mode, God Mode, Alignment Mode.
Take ownership of every outcome in your life. This is key to your freedom
Keep your space clean. Make your room a sanctuary for growth and self-love
Get in the sun. Plant your bare feet on the earth
Meditation- Guided & Silent 
Journal with reflective prompts & questions, and free-journal your thoughts & feelings too.
Take slow deep breaths into your belly and heart, like a wave, and ponder things you appreciate around you and are thankful for.
Accept & appreciate all your feelings and share them intelligently.
Acknowledge that The Universal God is ALWAYS loving you, in awe of you, and supporting you.”


Join Our Community!

No matter who you are, EVERYONE can be a part of the Pyradyne community! If you enjoy learning about science, faith, meditation, yoga, self-care, wholistic health, positivity, (and much more) come check us out!  

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