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Manifestation And God

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Manifestation is an interesting word that has grown in popularity in the last 5 years. Is it just “woo-woo” jargon, or is there real meaning to it? Manifestation and creation recognition are on the rise and more popular now than ever before. Is there any science behind it? And how is manifestation addressed in the Bible? 

     According to the dictionary, the term references several meanings: 

  1. An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.
  2. A symptom or sign of an ailment.
  3. A version of incarnation of something or someone.
  4. The appearance or apparition of a human, ghost, or spiritual being.

     With these definitions, are manifestations able to be produced via thoughts and action? Why not? Imagine you're sitting on the couch watching your favorite show and suddenly a thought pops in your head; you're thirsty! So you get up and go and get yourself something to drink. The action was a thought first. The drink was a mental image first.

     The essential prerequisite for manifestation is first having a thought or intention. What if the thought you have is to create a new job for yourself? How do you go about making that a reality? Do you just sit back and do nothing, or do you take definitive, proactive steps toward the vision you imagined. You might not have all the specifics regarding the outcome yet, but just the intent to change will have prompted new behaviors.

     Sometimes, not knowing the details (timing, execution, steps to take) can make what you've imagined harder to implement. But without overthinking, the principle of manifestation suggests the simple choice to “allow” the vision to develop into physical reality is enough to cause it to occur.

     The very first step to manifesting is realizing what you want; if you don’t realize it how are you going to recognize it when it comes along? 

You want love in your life, but can’t accept it. Then how are you going to receive it? Receiving love is available at any point it just requires you to give it. It starts from within. 


What if the action or driving force behind the manifestation is divinely guided? 

     In order for us to attract what we are looking for we must project outwards exactly that. God’s timing is perfect, He already knows what we need before we even ask for it. Whatever it is a person is trying to manifest we must first ask from from our hearts, through prayer, mediation and asking it out loud so we make it real. And repeat this daily. Don’t ask yourself when, how, what if. Manifesting with God requires us to have faith that it is already done.

     What we ask for may show up in so many different forms or capacities! Don’t be surprised. I speak from experience. I wasn’t ready for real love for a long time because I didn’t know what love really looked like, what it was like to feel loved and respected. And I was looking in all the wrong places. But, most importantly, I wasn’t ready. I would have rejected it if it surfaced because I didn’t know what I was looking for. 

     Most of us have been through a tough life and may even believe that God has not given a fair hand. Choosing to believe this will only further this thought, because like attracts like. This belief will only continue to spiral downward to the victimized way of thinking. I used to be a victim. I would find any excuse to complain about something that happened to me. 

But I now believe that our problems are our gifts, those tough experiences we have gone through will bring much light to another. Because we went through it and lived to tell the tale, that is spiritual strength which has a purpose. Spiritual strength is indestructible, nothing can touch it.

     Manifestation is an ability and a gift from God that we all possess. No one is excluded from this. The power to create is latent within us all, just waiting for us to unleash it. I believe we are all an extension of God and His creation and  we have the power of creation ourselves, purposefully to go out and create, and bring all things back to God. What does this really mean? It means that wherever we go and whatever we do, we must give thanks and be grateful. We are not owed anything in life, no one has more right to be here than anyone else. For we all come in the same way and we all depart the same way, taking with you nothing but leaving behind a imprint on humanity that will last forever. God himself manifests within us through the Holy Spirit as soon as we ask him to. 

     After spending most of my life being hard on myself for my lack of, I realized that we each all possess creative gifts and talents; some can sing harmonious vibrations, some can paint beautiful paintings that move and inspire others. Every one of us is traveling on a different journey, yet we are all here to assist one another in further creation. It all comes back to love, the highest energy in existence, where it all ends and where it all begins. When you choose to see beauty, your wisdom extends and your experiences deepen and you open up. When you open, wonderful things happen—anything can happen. This high state of vibration is where we do most of our growth and fastest movement; in this place we are working with God to create all of what we need. Divine flow.

     When my father, Dr. Fred Bell, passed away I learned truly what manifestation is—both good and bad—and how it works, not only from his teachings but from learning how every piece of the process has an impact. I set my intention, back in 2012, that I wanted to buy a house, then I wanted to have that house pay for another house, which was an investment property with my best friend. At the time I was living with my uncle and still rebuilding Pyradyne, having only been in Arizona for one year. It seemed I was extremely far from turning this intention into a reality, but I didn’t think that way. I knew it was going to happen and I believed it could—the how would work itself out later. Within a year I had completed the first step of this intention and within 18 months, from start to finish, I had achieved my entire creation. I now owned two homes and the first was paying for the second. When you don’t question your how—or have ANY doubt—then you will create your intention, so long as it is for good purpose. The homes I purchased not only housed friends who needed places to live but were also a vehicle for Pyradyne’s growth. I believe if you ask with selfish intentions then you will attract that to you. If you are creating purposes of good and asking with a pure heart, you can manifest anything with the assistance of God. 

     Becoming pregnant, buying our new home and opening The Juice Kitchen, all of which came to fruition by the end of 2016, less than a year after I got married. I now realize the ability God has given us through him, but it doesn’t come without responsibility. So much power lies within us we can choose to use it for good or bad. Choosing to manifest for our own ego or love of the world will produce exactly what you are asking, but it won’t bring fulfillment to the soul. You cannot serve God and serve money, it simply doesn’t work that way. There is nothing wrong with money it is merely a tool or an idea of intention, but it shouldn’t be idolized. Behind every choice is an intention, and behind every intention is a desire.


Having equal parts to every aspects of life is integral. God says ‘Honor thy parents’ regardless of our relationship with them. I wish I could call my dad, and ask for his forgiveness. The fight that we both chose to continue after I left California in 2009 was how we said goodbye to each other. Forgiveness is a science, and also a commandment of the Lord. It frees us. Carrying mental burdens is also a blocker in personal growth and manifestation. 

Creation is powerful and we are all gifted with this ability. When I was a kid, every night when I went to sleep I used to take situations going on in my life and change them in my mind to how I wanted them to be; I would play out the scenes in my head as if I were watching a movie. I loved it and it used to send me to sleep. Whatever moment I could I would daydream. When I would be traveling on the bus somewhere on a long journey I would put my headphones in and visualize with the music; it was powerful and it felt so good. This may seem like a fantasy habit but as I grew older the things I had imagined started to become real. I was practicing manifestation at a young age. The first few times I second guessed myself and put it down to coincidence but as I carried on and things continued to happen I realized it was all real, and as I grew older I realized it is an ability that we all have. Some people have practiced it more than others is all.


Love & Blessings,

Megan Bell


  • Nick: December 19, 2019

    Spirit in the sky is a cool song to remind us that Jesus is our friend 😁

  • Nick: December 19, 2019


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