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Meet the Most Functional Jewelry in the World - Pyradyne® Receptors

Meet the Most Functional Jewelry in the World - Pyradyne® Receptors
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Meet the most functional jewelry in the world! Pyradyne’s Receptors have been the perfect mix of beauty and function since 1975! Here are the Top Reasons Why You Should Wear a Receptor:


Reason #1) Created and Designed by Dr. Fred Bell

The geometrically precise and splendidly brilliant Pyradyne Receptor jewelry was originally patented by Dr. Fred Bell, a quantum physicist, rocket scientist, naturopathic doctor and nutritionist. Dr. Bell spent his life researching, including aspects from multiple schools of thought.

Each piece is handcrafted in the United States and created with an extreme attention to detail. Wear your receptor knowing that it was crafted with you in mind.

This beautifully intricate design features sacred geometry, the life-sustaining Fibonacci sequence, and so much more!


Reason #2) Feel Your BEST!

When you wear your Receptor each day, you may begin to feel the wonderful benefits of Pyradyne’s wearable technology. Those who have worn the Pyradyne Receptor have experienced:

            -A balancing and rejuvenating feeling

            -Reduced feelings of stress

            -Increased brain energy

            - Increased mental ability, energy, mental clarity, and imagination



Reason #3) Shield Yourself From Toxins

The Pyradyne Receptor is the original wearable technology that everyone can benefit from! Based on Cassegrain Science and the Parabolic Dish, the Nuclear Receptor is essentially a miniature satellite dish that counteracts and deflects the negative frequencies we are being bombarded with every day such has WiFi, Cellular Signals, and now, 5G.




Reason #4) Enhance Gemstone Benefits

Each Receptor features a center gemstone. The Nuclear Receptor directs the color and light frequency you need into your body, creating hydrogen atom harmonic balancing in weakened areas.


Each gemstone is associated with a different endocrine system in your body, which controls the way your body functions.


If one system needs support, wearing a specific colored gemstone that is associated with that system will help to realign the system and help your body to achieve a better overall balance. For example, a green colored gemstone is linked to balance, appetite, and proper weight, and wearing an Emerald or Moldavite gemstone will help this system to find alignment in this area of your life.



Discover The Gemstone That Is Right For YOU!

Want to discover the gemstone that is right for you? Our team can conduct a remote test with only a photo and your full name!

Send us an email at or send us a DM on social media!

Interested in learning more about Pyradyne? Check out for tons of information, articles, blogs, videos, and more!


  • Pyradyne Contributor: February 06, 2022

    Moldavite is cut and then faceted into a round gemstone to size and specifications needed to fit the Receptor. Moldavite is a glassy green color and comes from meteors out of space.

  • Tamara Chauvet: February 06, 2022

    Hi, do you make it with moldivite?

  • Tamara Chauvet: February 06, 2022

    Hi, do you make it with moldivite?

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