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Why You Should Boost Your Immune System With Trace Minerals

Why You Should Boost Your Immune System With Trace Minerals
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In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, who isn’t thinking about our immune systems? How can we fight off disease, keep our minds and bodies strong, and maintain our overall well-being? The easiest and most obvious answer is to provide our systems with the best possible nutrients, including all necessary vitamins and minerals. Trace minerals are commonly overlooked as a vital category of nutrients that our bodies cannot produce themselves. 

Trace minerals include chromium, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc. These minerals are found in specific meat-and plant-based foods but are even more easily absorbed via supplements, which allow precise measurement and are safe and accessible for people with dietary restrictions. Supplements also work well for people with food preferences or limitations.

Even if you think you consume a healthy diet, why gamble that you are getting the trace minerals you need? In the modern world, our food sources present inconsistent minerals and nutrients. Since minerals come from rocks, soil, and water, they are absorbed into plants as they grow or are eaten by animals. Much of our soil has been stripped of the natural nutrients, which means smaller amounts of minerals are transferring into those plants. Our foods, derived from those plants and the animals that eat them, simply are not getting the same health nutrients as they did in years past. Because of this change in our ecosystem, we don’t always get all the nutrients we expect from what have historically been considered to be healthy foods. Conversely, we are exposed to mineral toxicity with unprofessional or unscientific products that offer uncontrolled amounts of trace minerals. Consuming too much zinc, for example, may lead to impaired immunity. Too little zinc can lead to impaired growth. It is critical for us to receive the appropriate amount of trace minerals needed by our bodies to keep us balanced and strong and ready to fight emerging threats like COVID-19.

Pyralyte offers a precise formula, ensuring you get exactly what you need. This exclusive trace mineral supplement comes in a powder mix that is all-natural, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and dairy-free. The lemon-lime-flavored powder can be mixed with water or juice for an easy, on-the-go solution to meet your nutritional needs. The supplement can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep quickly and efficiently, avoiding any unnecessary personal contact or crowded shopping centers with confusing access policies. There is even a subscription option so you can be sure to receive your supplements every month without additional hassle.

These days, with so much information coming at us from every direction, it is more important than ever that we feel confident with our choices. Click here to see what others have said about their experiences using the Pyralyte supplement. Just a few of the health benefits reported by regular users of Pyralyte include increased energy, weight loss, enhanced performance, and brain boost/mental clarity. Doesn’t that sound like just the formula needed to meet the ever-increasing challenges of a world facing an unprecedented pandemic? 


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  • Shay: May 30, 2020

    Great information I love your trace minerals.

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