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Our Top 5 Tips for a Happier Life - Pyradyne Living

Our Top 5 Tips for a Happier Life - Pyradyne Living
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  1. Sleep with your phone on airplane mode 

The average person is bombarded with “lights, cameras, and ACTION” from the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Our cell phones are there to greet us, calling out “look at me!” from our bedside tables. Our tip: Make an effort to look at the sun before you look at your cell phone each morning... Or even better, leave your phone on airplane mode while you sleep, and keep it that way until you’ve done at least one positive thing for yourself. This could be: enjoying a cup of coffee, going on a short walk, reading a chapter in a book, the list goes on... 

By eliminating electronic frequencies in your home, you may notice increased quality of sleep. PLUS spending time away from these frequencies in the morning can help to set a positive tone for the day and allow your body to align with the natural cycles of the earth. 



  1. Take time for self care 

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for self care. It can vary from activities like meditation, yoga, skincare, exercise: whatever brings you joy. Find a self-care routine that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, and make time for that each day. 

Our Pyradyne Headgear Pyramids were developed to take your self-care to the next level. Simply wearing a pyramid on your head when you are at home may help to play a huge role in channeling positivity. 

Click here to learn more about our Headgear Pyramid Technology: 


  1. Spend time in nature 

Although we may not realize it, we are constantly affected by the frequencies around us. Today’s world is filled with man-made frequencies that are beyond our control (Wifi, 5G, environmental pollution). 

The Earth has a frequency of its own: 7.83 hz to be exact, and this is the frequency that our bodies are designed to thrive in. Taking a “digital detox” and spending time in nature each day helps to detoxify your system and rebalance your body’s frequency. 

We created the Balance Bracelet 2.0 to help you to enjoy the benefits of aligning with nature, even when you are stuck indoors. 

Check it out here: 



  1. Build an arsenal of effective supplements to boost your health 

Over time, the food in our grocery stores has become increasingly depleted of essential vitamins and minerals that we need to feel our best. It happened like this: A fruit or vegetable can only contain the vitamins and minerals that are present in the soil where it is grown. The common use of pesticides and chemicals has greatly diminished the nutrient content of soil, and therefore, the nutritional value of our food. 

This means, a carrot that was grown 50 or 60 years ago had far more nutritional value than one grown today. 

We can combat this by buying from local farmers markets and smaller-scale organic farms where the mineral content has remained high. However, even with high-quality food sources, it can be very difficult for the modern person to get all the nutrition they need. 

Our family of supplements works to help fill the holes in your diet and give you a full-spectrum dose of nutrition, every day. 

Learn more here: 



  1. Collect positive energy 

We live by the saying: “You attract the energy that you project.” Putting positivity into the world helps you to attract positivity, but there are also physical items that you can collect to help create positive energy in your life. 

Collecting one small item from each of your travels or experiences, whether that's a magnet, a small trinket, or even a tattoo, can help to remind you of the positive energy you felt in those moments. 

One of the most powerful and proven sources of energy is found in gemstones. Each gemstone has a different frequency, and can aid in different areas of your life. Simply having gemstones in your home can help to attract different types of energy. Wearing a gemstone on you as a piece of jewelry takes this one step further, allowing you to manifest your desired energy in all aspects of life. 

Our Nuclear Receptors, “The most functional jewelry in the world,” do just that! 

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The road to happiness has its ups and downs, and it definitely isn’t traveled in one day, but keeping these 5 tips in mind will surely point you in the right direction. 

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