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Preserving Mangoes With A Pyramid | 12 Day Pyramid Experiment

Preserving Mangoes With A Pyramid | 12 Day Pyramid Experiment
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This experiment took place over 12 days. Originally posted in a video to our Youtube Channel, this demonstration provides undeniable and visible evidence of the amazing power of Pyradyne’s pyramid technology.

To get started, we first picked up some fresh fruit from our local grocery store. While all of Pyradyne’s Pyramids will help to preserve all produce and any organic matter, for this experiment we choose mangoes. Due to how fast they spoil and rot, mangoes are one of the best fruits for demonstrating the effects of the pyramids.


For this experiment, we used the Vitamid. Compared to the rest of our Pyramids, the Vitamid is a larger 12 inch pyramid that is designed specifically to protect your produce.

In order to ensure as clear of a result as possible, we picked 4 mangoes, 2 of similar firmness and another 2 on the softer side. We then took one of each group and placed one under the Viamid, and another next to the pyramid.

We left the mangoes out for 12 days and checked on them each day, observing the effect of EMFs and the natural decay process

Check out the photos below to see this process:

Day 1


Day 3



Day 6

Day 9



Day 12

As you can see, by the 12th day, there has been a huge impact on the mangoes.

First, we check the mangoes that were not under the Vitamid. They are definitely not edible anymore. There is a lot of visible surface rotting, very discolored, and squishy.

We then take a look at the mangoes that have been under the protection of the Vitamid. Their skin is still mostly smooth, and has less discoloration. Still, after 12 days, these mangoes are probably over the point of where you’d want to eat them, but they are in much better condition.


However, the true test is when we cut the fruit open!

We will start with the mangoes that were not under the Vitamid. Here, you can see a ton of brown around the edges, and the fruit is very squishy and mealy.

Now, let’s take a look at one of the mangoes left underneath the Vitamid. The difference is immediately noticed and is outstanding! Not only does the mango maintain its color, but the flesh is still looking entact, even after 12 days.

This side by side image REALLY shows the difference!



The difference is clear! There are harmful frequencies around us, but we can take measures to protect our food and therefore ourselves! Using the Vitamid is a really simple and effective way to do this.

If you want to learn more about our Pyramids, head to our website for more information, videos, blogs, testimonies and more!

Watch the full video on our Youtube Channel! Click here to watch the video!


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