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Preserving Produce with a Pyramid: Watch These 3 Real Examples

Preserving Produce with a Pyramid: Watch These 3 Real Examples
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For thousands of years, pyramids have fascinated humankind. Realizing their power, our founder, Dr. Fred Bell knew that something needed to be done to get pyramid technology into people’s hands. From there, he went on to create Pyradyne’s line of high-quality, effective, and clinically proven pyramids in the 1970’s.

By creating a natural field of negative ions, our orgone-plated technology helps to prolong the life of all organic matter. Over the years, we’ve put our pyramids to the test many times, showing the lasting impact they can have on whatever is placed underneath.

Read on to learn more and watch real examples!

1 - A Bundle of Fruit

Buying too much fruit at the grocery store: We’ve all been guilty of this. No one enjoys wasting fruit, but sometimes life just gets in the way. But we have the solution! Instead of generating more waste, use a pyramid to preserve your precious fruits.

Megan Bell set out to show how this can be done. To do so, she bought 2 groups of identical fruits, placing one group under a pyramid while the others remained in the open. After 1 week passed, there was an undeniable difference. 

Watch the full video here!



2- Preserving avocados

How many times have you craved and cut into an avocado only to find that your fruits have spoiled… No longer! Place your avocados under a Pyradyne orgone-plated pyramid and see just how long your fruits stay fresh and delicious.

Want to see the results of our Avocado Experiment? Click here!


3- Lettuce left out overnight

To test how effective our pyramids are for preserving vegetables, we placed two identical pieces of Romaine lettuce on a counter overnight. The outcome was astonishing. The piece left under the pyramid had barely changed, while the other piece was shriveled and had shrunk significantly.


See for yourself. Watch the full video here!


The results speak for themselves, and the power is within the pyramid. We are certain that they will continue to make a positive impact for generations to come. Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more demonstrations like these. 

Click here to learn more about our pyramids and purchase one of your own!





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