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Pyradyne®: A Growing and Loving Community Since 1975

Pyradyne®: A Growing and Loving Community Since 1975
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Since 1975, the world has been blessed with holistic tools, supplements, and books from the mind of Dr. Fred Bell. During his time with us on this earth, Dr. Bell was able to touch countless lives as he shared his vast knowledge with all who were interested.

More than 45 years later, his legacy lives on in the thousands of you around the world who are grateful for his products and knowledge.

We are thankful to be so well connected with our amazing Pyradyne® community. Every week we receive beautiful testimonials from around the globe of our family sharing experiences with their Pyramids, Receptors, and superfoods.

Keep reading to hear 4 amazing customer testimonials from our community!

"I am so glad I purchased my Pyradyne Products. Wearing them is an experience that is truly magical. Wow! Really cool jewelry."
- Eric Allen Ogle



"I love wearing my Pyradyne® head pieces especially when I’m making my sea moss gel, as I also put the dried plant under the pyramid to charge it before I give it to my clients. I cannot go a day without wearing my pieces, both receptors and pyramids. It really structures my emotions."
- Itztlicuetlachtli



“Feeling super calm and focused with my nuclear receptor. He feels it too!”
- Jennifer Won



“I’m wearing a Powerdome Gold from Pyradyne and I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been wearing this for about 40 days. I’ve been experiencing and accomplishing detox and a very calming and soothing feeling during my daily practices and meditations using frequencies. My practices are about 3 hours a day, and it provides a lot of comfort. Coming soon, I’ll be ordering the Nuclear Receptor in Corinthian Bronze with Amethyst.
I love my Powerdome gold. Soon i'll be wearing it with my Nuclear Receptor!”
- Julian G.


Thank you for sharing!

As always, thank you to everyone who has submitted photos and testimonies over the years. We always look forward to seeing your messages and love sharing your stories with our community! If you aren’t already, keep in touch with us on our social media pages!



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