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Pyradyne Community Spotlight: Spreading Positivity Expanding Consciousness

Pyradyne Community Spotlight: Spreading Positivity Expanding Consciousness
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Greetings Pyradyne Community! As always, we love to hear from you and connect with all of you online. We are so proud to see the amazing impacts that our products are having around the world.

It’s thanks to all of you that we can continue to spread positivity and loving energy and expand global-consciousness.

Read on to see our featured community members!

Spotlight 1: Devon - @the_black_air_bender)

Meet Devon! Devon, is a master of breathwork and a true magnet of positive energy!

After being turned onto Pyradyne by a friend, Devon and his partner have discovered the amazing benefits of Pyradyne’s Nuclear Receptor and Headgear Pyramids.

In the past, Devon often practiced breathwork and meditation under a large pyramid. Now, with his Pyradome, he can enjoy the balancing and detoxifying effects of pyramid technology everywhere he goes.

Make sure to follow Devon on Instagram for beautiful insights on life, breath, and balance.

Spotlight 2: Alec Vishal Rouben - @aleclovelifeyoga

Alec LOVES life! 

Alec is a mindful and holistically-minded yoga instructor and teaches online classes! We highly recommend checking him out for unmatchable energy.

You will often see Alec connecting to nature through yoga in beautiful environments. Pictured, Alec is wearing his Quantum Heart Receptor!

Follow Alec on Instagram for amazingly authentic thoughts, yoga poses, and occasional ukulele cover. 

Spotlight 3: Samantha Diaz - @sammydance

Sammy Dance is a performance artist, dance teacher, choreographer, burn survivor and all around amazing and strong woman!

Sammy turns to meditation for healing, self-care, and self-understanding. Pyradyne’s functional tools have helped her to experience an even deeper sense of meditation and inner-balance.

Read about her experience in her own words:

 “I love my Receptor and pyramid. Yesterday, I used the pyramid for meditation and I felt the energy flowing strongly and slept so well afterwards. Also I have been using my Receptor as pendulum 🙏🏽 works like magic, so grateful for these incredible balancing energies tools 🌟”


Spotlight 4: Nicholas - @organicks5d

Nicholas is a guru of meditation and inner-connectivity. Nick is usually found practicing outside, where he connects to the flow of Mother Nature.

“I’m wearing a magical nuclear receptor by Pyradyne protecting my energetic field against EMF amongst many other health benefits 🔥”

Thank you for sharing your light, Nick! Visit his Instagram page for yoga and mediation tips from an experienced teacher.

Spotlight 5: William Line - @william_line

William Line from Australia LOVES his Balance Bracelet 2.0 and Nuclear Receptor with Amethyst. He felt the benefits of the Receptor right away!

“The amethyst soothes my chakras 💜💜💜”

Share Your Story!

Do you have a Pyradyne story that you’d like to share? Tag us in your photos, videos, and stories on social media! 

We LOVE hearing from our community all around the world. Connection is the key 😍

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions at or reach out to us on social media.


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