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Pyradyne: DO THESE 5 THINGS in 2020

Pyradyne: DO THESE 5 THINGS in 2020
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We’ve all heard it before (and perhaps we’ve even said it ourselves)... “New year, new me!” To some, the first day of 2020 may have felt like ‘just another day.’ To others, it may have felt like a reset button or a fresh start after a busy holiday season. No matter which side of the spectrum you are on, there’s no doubt that TODAY is an opportunity to grow as an individual, organize your priorities, and pursue your dreams. As we collect our thoughts and set our sites towards the future, we’re happy to share our top 5 pieces of advice heading into the New Year: 

1. Envision the Best Version of Yourself

No matter how 2019 treated you, we challenge you to reflect on the past year. Think about the good, the bad, and the ugly. After doing so, picture where you hope to see yourself at the end of this year - Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with?

Use your mental vision of the future to manifest your hopes and dreams.

2. Set Goals

Rather than stumbling through 2020 blindly or with loose expectation -  head into the new decade with goals, resolutions, and ambitions. Take the time to write down a few things that you hope to achieve this year and keep it in a handy place. This can be in your daily planner, a journal, or even something as simple as a sticky note on your computer or phone. Come back to this list regularly to check your progress, you might be surprised at how much you can get done when you are motivated! If you’re having trouble achieving your goals, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

3. Ask Friends or Family Members for Support

Whether you think you need help or not, everyone can benefit from communicating with people they trust and seeking new perspectives.  When you are supported by friends, family, and loved ones, it can make even the most difficult tasks easier. Find a strong group that can support you so when you need motivation, encouragement (or simply someone to vent to). This will contribute to your peace of mind, knowing there are people out there who have your back.


Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP! We are all human, and therefore, slipping up on our goals is inevitable. Whether you missed a day at the gym, had too much pizza for dinner, or had one-too many drinks.. Don’t let your slip-ups derail you completely. Remember, there isn’t a single perfect person on this earth and every single human makes mistakes. Own your mistakes, learn from them, and continue to grow into the person you want to become. Tomorrow is a new day!

5. Celebrate Progress

Perhaps most importantly, you need to reward yourself! Celebrate your victories, no matter the size. It’s ok to celebrate! Think about how you would like to celebrate your victories in productive and positive ways that align with your goals. This will allow you to remain focused and keep your momentum going.

So as we begin a new year and a new decade, put your best foot forward and take on the world with a full head of steam!

From all of us at Pyradyne, Happy New Year!


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