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Pyradyne Pyramids, Jewelry and Receptors Make Waves in Global and Local News

Pyradyne Pyramids, Jewelry and Receptors Make Waves in  Global and Local News
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Since we began offering our first pyramids and receptors in 1975, our products have peaked interest around the globe. 45 years later, we are honored to continue the work of Dr. Fred Bell. Seeing our work recognized in global and local news is always exciting. 

When individuals first come across our products, a few questions typically arise. These include:

“What is that?”

“What does it do?”

“How does that work?”

Recently, these inquiries have made their way into local newspapers, blogs, social media, and more. We’re thrilled to see the public’s interest in our products, and were happy to provide answers! 

Here are a few places you can see how Pyradyne is making waves in the global and local news.. We hope you enjoy reading about our impact as much as we do!

  1. Jason Manford, British comedian and actor was grabbing a lunch break during rehearsals for his latest work, Musical Curtains, when he spotted none other than the Pyradome! Intrigued by what he saw, He immediately posted the image (below) on Twitter and Instagram, where the photo created a great deal of buzz as users shared their knowledge of Pyradyne while others speculated what it may be.

The man wearing it, Dominic K, has been using his Pyradome for years and has spoke highly of his experience. Back in (year), Dominic told British magazine Mirror that "I wear the pyramid device to help my body counter-effect the air pollution in central London, and to keep relaxed and focused. "A wonderful company in America called Pyradyne makes them. I've been using their products for a decade."

Thank you, Dominic for telling the world about your experiences with Pyradyne!

Photo: Jason Manford via Twitter
2. Although Pyradyne does not yet have a physical store location, we have caused quite a stir here in our hometown of Gilbert, AZ. Pyradyne owner-operator, Megan Bell, had the opportunity to discuss our products and the work of our founder, Dr. Fred Bell. She explains how her father, a NASA Scientist and quantum physicist, utilized physics, metallurgy, and gemology to make a positive impact in countless lives. Megan goes on to explain how energy forms, such as sound, can be manifested as positive or negative energies, which impacts our bodies on a micro-cellular level.

Click the following links to read our features in Gilbert Sun News (page 22) and Ahwatukee Foothills News (Page 41).

3. Have you checked out our Instagram page? If not, head and check it out (@pyradyne). We’ve collaborated with some great, forward-thinking individuals who have been loving the balancing nature of our Receptors, and are spreading the word on social media and beyond!
a) Troy Casey AKA the @certifiedhealthnut is the ultimate inspiration for living life to the fullest! Troy lives in So Cal exploring ways to live holistically with good health. He focuses on stretching, breathwork, and building a strong community of those looking for enlightenment. Troy will be sharing his knowledge in his upcoming book, “Ripped at 50.” Make sure to follow Troy’s Instagram to see his secrets to an amazing life!

b) Ra (@ra_of_earth) describes himself as a Human Teacher and Student. He is always looking to connect with like-minded people who have found a holistic way of life. He is an amazing communicator and spreads all the wisdom he has learned during his journey with you. Head to Ra’s Instagram page for some great information and content!

c) Andrew Sealy (@andrew7sealy) is a master of balance. His inspiring and awing videos show Andrew as he expresses himself through incredible yoga poses. After connecting with Andrew on social media, he has fallen in love with his Receptor and has been an amazing advocate for the benefits of Pyradyne. Make sure to follow Andrew's Instagram page to see his videos and stay tuned with all the amazing work he is involved in.



Seeing and sharing what goes on in our Pyradyne community gives us the motivation and inspiration to continue to spread the legacy of our beloved founder, Dr. Fred Bell. A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters. You make this journey possible! 

If you have a story to tell us about your experience with Pyradyne, send us an email to


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