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Pyramid Power!

Pyramid Power!
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Pyramids are fascinating and mystical all at the same time.. No one knows quite how they came to be, why or when. So many questions like, what's their purpose? What do they really do?

The Egyptians clearly knew something we don't. Or rather, didn't until now. That pyramids mystical powers actually have some kind of affect on living organisms, so is that why Egyptians used to bury people inside the great pyramid? For preservation purposes? Well, we cannot say because we're not allowed to find out truly what is inside the great pyramids. But, we can conduct our own research and that's just what we've been doing at Pyradyne® since 1975.

Our wonderful founder, Dr. Fred Bell, knew a thing or two about science and just loved to experiment. Being a doctor, he understood the body well and he also built many things to help support the body in its own natural ability to heal itself. Including, the pyramids we sell at Pyradyne®. Each with it's own specific function and affect on the body. In 1977, a doctor conducted a study on our Firedome™ pyramid, you can read the results of that here:

When Pyradyne started using pyramids, a science kit was sold.  People could buy two solutions of brine shrimp in the kit that came with a wooden pyramid, a compass and a little solution bin.  They’d grow the shrimp eggs at home—putting one group of eggs under the pyramid, which had been aligned to magnetic true North, and the other control group of shrimp eggs 10 feet or more away from the first group.  After about 6-8 weeks, the control group placed away from the pyramid died.  Brine shrimp are very similar to the human single cell.  The brine shrimp kept under the pyramid would live for one or two years!

Today we no longer sell the science kit, but you can still purchase pyramids to conduct your own experiments. See some of our experiments with food below:

 You can find more scientific studies here:


So What Is the Pyramid Doing When I Wear it On My Head? 

Pyradyne® uses alternate layers of gold, copper and silver, which are “active” metals, within layers of nickel, which is “passive” in nature.  This speeds up the Bio-Plasmic life force that is the essence of pyramid power.

The electron or the energy field moves from a negative to a positive to a negative field because the active and passive metals increase or amplify the orgone-pyramid effect.  This is a BIO PLASMIC FORCE (or you can call it Qi or “chi” energy)—that basically is an “etheric energy”, which when it’s perceived by living cells, tells the cells what to do.  It is also a source of EPCs (Electrical Precursing Energies).  


EPCs control the consciousness of all individual cells.   

That “electrical precursation” from the EPCs is either stressful or healing—dependeding on what polarity the EPCs have.  EPCs can be polarized FOR you OR AGAINST YOU!  They either stimulate good or bad hormones—which are the first “units” of consciousness that occur on 7 different levels.

That’s why it’s so important to balance the EPCs!   Because the body is electrical, not just chemical.  

The pyramid completely saturates the body with healthy vibratory frequencies that cause the cells to bind properly. 

The brain collects toxins over the years.  When you breathe in air through your nose it goes down into your lungs, then goes from the lungs into the blood, and from the blood into the left atrium of the heart, through the carotid artery, and back up into the brain.

The Powerdome headgear pyramid detoxifies the brain—and is one of the best orgone-plated pyramids to use for this.  Pyradyne has two versions of it—the Powerdome Gold and the Powerdome Silver pyramid.  The Powerdome Silver performs the highest level of brain detoxification since silver is added, which also prevents radiation from reaching you.


A pyramid may help cleanse the blood and detoxify all body parts—especially all areas of the brain.


Some people who wear the Powerdome don’t feel the effect of the detoxification, but this is still occurring and working on them slowly and subtly. 

Other people with a weak or toxic physio-etheric body relationship “feel” the effects of the Powerdome quite quickly.  The first sensation may be a headache. This is because it detoxes the brain rather fast. 

The pyramid sets up a vibration.  Sometimes as this happens, some people get what we call a “friendly headache”—meaning it starts to rid your brain of toxins—just maybe too fast. So take off the Powerdome, drink some water, take some Vitamin C.  The headache goes away in a few minutes.  Wait an hour or two, then put the Powerdome back on and go through this process again. Keep it up until you no longer get a headache wearing it.

In short, blood cells transport consciousness to the entire body.  
The blood gets charged with oxygen and goes back to the brain and gets distributed throughout the brain.

(For more info, see page 80 in the book Rays of Truth — Crystals of Light book.)

The red blood cell is very complex and that makes it vulnerable to all sorts of smoke, gases, fumes and toxins floating in the air.  So when the blood comes from the heart, goes into the brain via the large arteries, and then goes into the very tiny capillaries in the brain, those capillaries strain or filter out all of the poisons. 


As time passes, the brain fills up with these chemicals and the aging process greatly accelerates.  The brain even starts to get affected when you're in your mid-30s.  The cerebellum is located at the base of the brain, and it is the first place that gets badly affected. The cerebellum is responsible for the intelligence of physical balance; as it gets toxic, you lose ability to balance.  If you wear a Powerdome for a year, you’ll likely to be as well-balanced again as you were as a young child.

Detoxing the head seems like a good idea, especially since so many people reported feeling clearer minded while wearing the pyramid. Many even say it helps to ease pain and head tension when they have a headache! 

So, if you can get over another opinion of you wearing one, try one out and see the affects for yourself. Be sure that the metals are using active and passive metals, and the base metal is always pure. 

More Links on Pyradyne® pyramids below.

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