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Pyramid Power and the Life of a Breatharian - An Inside Look at “The Black Airbender”

Pyramid Power and the Life of a Breatharian - An Inside Look at “The Black Airbender”
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4 Years Without Solid Food

Can you imagine a life without solid food... Without breakfast, lunch, or dinner for 365 days a year? 

For most, this seems like a crazy idea that seems absolutely impossible. Impossible until you meet Devon (pronounced De-vahn) AKA The Black Airbender.

In a recently published video, YouTuber Sky Life meets up with Devon to understand what it means to be a breatherian, how he sustains his energy. and why pyramids are such an important part of his life.


Get to Know Devon

Devon takes Sky on a journey into his life, his rituals, habits, and practices. A breatharian, described by Devon is “someone who eats little or nothing at all. One gets to a certain state of energy cultivation where they can sustain on the energy they cultivated, where they don’t need dense foods.”

My process is purely through breath mechanics and breathing.”


Importance of Pyramids

The first thing you may notice about Devon is that he is wearing a Pyradyne pyramid. He is nearly always seen with it on.

Even before he began wearing his Pyramid, Devon always knew of the mystic powers of pyramids and sacred geometry.

Since discovering Pyradyne, he now utilizes Pyradyne technology to enhance his breathwork and meditation.

Here is the Pyradyne technology Devon is wearing:


Pyramid: Pyradome

Receptor: Nuclear Receptor with Citrine



Devon is a truly extraordinary human being with a very unique approach to life. Take a look for yourself by visiting his Instagram.

We also encourage you to take a deeper look into Sky Life’s time with Devon - Click here to watch the full video!




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