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Pyramid Science: Good Vibes Only

Pyramid Science: Good Vibes Only
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Behold, the power of the pyramid. Ancient pyramid science was a source of inspiration for founder and quantum physicist Dr. Fred Bell. This extraordinary shape combines geometry, science, and holistic health. Established in 1975, Pyradyne® harnessed the resonating power of pyramids through wearable technology to positively impact lives. Here’s the scoop…

What’s so special about this structure?
Different shapes have different energies which carry both subtle and powerful influences. The pyramid shape has a square base that represents a solid foundation with perfect points meeting at its vortex. This functional design harnesses the incredible preservation abilities that the pyramids offer, as seen in many of our experiments and as found by Dr. Howard White in his first clinical study. Humans and organic matter placed within the pyramid have numerous positive effects.

Headgear Pyramids
Designed to be worn on your head these beautiful pieces have been a staple of our collection since 1977. Our 9-inch headgear pyramids are made from precious metals and wearers can choose from titanium, silver, copper, or gold (or a combination). Each precious metal offers unique properties that enhances and
customizes the functionality. Our collection is comprised of five unique headgear pyramids including styles for those new to pyramid science and those who are more advanced.

What are the results?
It depends what ails you, pyramid energy has individual results. One of the most common results is a feeling of recharging as the energy is transferred and absorbed by the recipient. Many wearers report a calming effect along with enhanced focus making the headgears the perfect accessory for pyramid meditation.

Regular wearers of headgear pyramids also report:

  • Stabilizing blood pressure
  • Headache reduction
  • Pain relief

Pro tip: When you’re not wearing the headgear pyramid put your fruits and vegetables inside to keep them fresh longer.

Does it work?
Pyramid science shows pyramids block the effect of negative energies of radio and other frequency. Think of a pyramid as a filter which balances the body’s electromagnetic field and assists in the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The detoxification process is further enhanced by plating the pyramid in orgone layers which alternate active and passive metals and harmonizes the body. Take 10 minutes and watch this video where Megan Bell puts it to the test.

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  • Dr. Lynn .R, PhD: January 30, 2020

    Very interesting article. As my research and studies continue in to “pyramid science” I am amazed that placing a pyramid over items tested actually modifies the molecular structure, pro-longing its life. Remarkable! As a practicing naturopath it is my intension to bring these on board as alternative responses to conventional ideas of treatment. I look forward to learning more!
    PS. I am ordering the Powerdome and look I forward to seeing what else we can achieve…

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