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Strange Occurrences Happening Around The World in 2020

Strange Occurrences Happening Around The World in 2020
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When you don’t clean your room, it gets messy. The same tends to happen with the natural world. This year, a large number of strange and unfortunate occurrences have been observed around the globe.

Well known Youtuber, Jason A, reports on these occurrences on his YouTube channel. Here are some notable mentions from his recent video “Shocking Earth Changes in 2020!”

Spontaneous Death of Elephants in Botswana

Botswana is the elephant capital of the world, hosting over a third of the world elephant population. However, this year, Botswana has seen a tragedy in their elephant community. For an unknown reason to animal conservationists, elephants of all ages have been subcomming to death. Experts have ruled out poaching as the bodies have been found intact, leading to the question: What is happening to Botswana’s beloved elephants?

Strange Weather Seen Across the Globe

From California to China, the world has seen an increase in the intensity of natural phenomenon. Although sand storms originating in the Sahara are not unheard of, this year marked one of the most intense storms in over 20 years. The extreme amount of sand in the air caused low visibility and unsafe air quality along the Gulf Coast.

In Africa, locust swarms were recorded as the largest in 50 years, destroying crops as they traveled across farm lands. China experienced heavy rains, and as a consequence, heavy flooding that destroyed towns, homes, and schools.

Stateside, Newport Beach, CA experienced “king tides”, or extreme high tides that washed boats ashore, stranding cars and flooding streets. In the arctic circle, Siberia, record temperatures up to 90F, an immense high in an area that is historically the coldest place on earth. Unfortunately, these high temperatures have caused forest fires. These occurrences should ring an alarm to all inhabitants on Earth.



Mysterious Signals From Outer Space

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been asking the question “Are we alone.” Although scientists have theorised for years using Drake’s Equation, it seems we may finally have our answer. According to Drake’s equation, which takes into account the amount of potential inhabitable planets, oceans, and life forms, there are an estimated 36 species in our known galaxy. This answer has seemingly been answered by a mysterious signal from deep in outer space that occurs exactly every 157 days. Although scientists are hopeful that our space-neighbors are friendly, we can’t be sure until they land on our front lawns.



Take Care of Our Earth

While some may see these occurrences as a sign of the end of times, others may see it as a warning sign from Mother Nature. Our Earth has sent us signals, loud and clear, that she demands respect and needs to be taken care of.

Do your part. Clean up after yourself and your family, care for animals, and live as sustainably and eco-friendly as possible.

Please, share this blog with your friends and family and encourage them to do the same. The Earth is our home and we need to keep her safe.


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