The Art Of Fire Breathing

The Art Of Fire Breathing
A written testimony from Rowena Nihell...


Megan daughter, asked me to write this in order to explain fire breathing.   I haven't listened to any of Dr. Bells lectures on fire breathing so am not sure of how he has described the best way to conduct this.  AlI I can pass to you is my own experience with doing fire breathing with Dr. Bell and others.


Sitting in a Portamid Pyramid is a good start though having a Receptor necklace on is also of great help...or even a pyramid on your head.


You need to be sitting on the floor...with a cushion if needed with legs crossed or even on a chair if that suites will work.   You can't be uncomfortable as that can distract you if you get muscle fatigue!   


Sit either on your own in front of a mirror or with another person opposite you.  If you both have your back straight, arms and hands relaxed in a way that works for you.


Placing a candle in front of you will create pure light source.  In between is best so the lite is evenly distributed. At night is good due to the quietness of your surroundings as well as the candle light creating the right atmosphere.  Also best to do in the New Moon energy as that can be calmer.


Looking directly into the left eye of either your self in the mirror or the left eye of the person who is doing this with you.  Ensure it's some one who you are comfortable with and you both are on the same wave to speak.  I'm sure you get what I mean by that!


Keeping your mouth closed when breathing in and open on breathing out and using your stomach to draw the air in and out so that your chest doesn't rise and neither do your shoulders.  This may make your stomach ache if your muscles are weak....though the more you do the stronger they get.  This get's the oxygen fully into your lungs.


Start the breath slowly so you can establish a rhythm, counting in your head as you take each breath.  Usually 100 breaths can be will breath faster as you pick up momentum.   Don't move your gaze ...blinking may distract a little but let that happen and keep breathing. 


Once at 100, calmly let out the last breath and focus on the other persons left eye still.  Do not talk,  just watch. Things will change and you may see the room appear to disappear.  Keep focusing on taking in the changes as they are a lesson for you.  Breathing calmly and normally will need to happen as and when you feel the need.


What you see will be different from what the other person sees.  It will have relevance to you and what ever you may need to help you on your journey in this life.  It may appear odd or even scary but it's what you are meant to see and will have great relevance to you, though you may not realize that at first!  


You may not get much showing it's self at first but try again another time.  Don't force it...just let it happen.  Be calm and focused and trusting.   It's all about opening up new channels to help us understand and expand our purpose and reasoning.  


Don't worry if you see things that you don't get at will.  Just trust and be positive!


Good luck with your journey.

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