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The Benefits of Wearing Peridot: Pyradyne Gemstone Feature

The Benefits of Wearing Peridot: Pyradyne Gemstone Feature
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Have you just tested for Peridot or are you feeling particularly drawn to this gemstone? Keep reading to get to know this beautiful gemstone!

Once you start wearing a Pyradyne Receptor with the gemstone-determined color frequency that is right for you, you will notice an amazing shift in frequency. This feeling will be unique to every individual, and will vary based on the gemstone you choose.

Here’s what to expect when wearing Peridot:

COLOR: Green/Yellow

Element: Throat, Solar Plexus, Hypothalamus

BODY PARTS AFFECTED: Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Thyroid Gland

EFFECT: Weight Control, Digestion, Balance


Peridot is often known as the stone of compassion.

This beautiful olive stone is believed to bring good health, peace, and restfulness by balancing the emotions and the mind.

This gemstone often inspires a creative mind and brings good cheer.


Peridot is often associated with happiness. This green gem has a calming effect on the wearer and is and has been known to assist in reducing anxiety, releasing negativity, and bringing clarity to thought.

As Peridot helps to release negativity, the wearer may notice a reduction of feelings of anger, fear, depression, anxiety, and jealousy.


Want to discover the gemstone that is right for you? Our team can conduct a remote test with only a photo and your full name!

Send us an email at or send us a DM on social media!

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