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God's Creation: Gemstone Minerals

God's Creation: Gemstone Minerals
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Gemstones are natural minerals that have been forming on the Earth since the beginning of time. Whether it’s a ruby morphed from intense heat and pressure or a diamond formed deep within the Earth, God designed each gemstone mineral with abundant natural forces and their own distinct energies.  Gemstone and color therapy has been a common practice in cultures for thousands of years, from the Ancient Aztecs to the Egyptians. But what’s the difference between one gemstone mineral and another? How do they work? And how can you use them to unlock your full potential?


The Creation of Gemstone Minerals

There are four different ways that the natural cycles of our world were designed to create gemstone minerals. The first are igneous gemstones, which are created deep down in the Earth.  Hydrothermal gemstones are made when bodies of water that are rich in minerals cool and solidify. Metamorphic gemstones are formed from intense heat and pressure, while sedimentary gemstones form from water depositing sediments.


Created with Purpose

Each Gemstone mineral was created with unique properties to help us find balance in our lives on Earth.  Both our bodies and these stones have specific energetic vibrations. This allows us to use them to align our vibrations with theirs.  By placing gems directly on our bodies and infusing them with our own intentions, we are able to connect our conscious thoughts with our body.  Thoughts can direct the flow of energy in our bodies in the ways we need it most, helping us to increase wellness both mentally and physically.


Color therapy is a type of gemstone therapy that uses the influence of gemstone colors over the human body.  Each color has a different effect on the body, with red stones improving things like confidence and blood circulation while yellow stones help with nervousness and digestion. As people embrace the God-given natural power of gemstone minearls over other harmful treatments, scientists are taking note.  The scientific community is ramping up the scientific inquiry into them and their transformative power. (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on color therapy next month!)

The Properties Of Different Stones

Different gemstone minerals have different energies, which means that God designed each gemstone to be used for a distinct purpose.  A common gemstone mineral such as amethyst can be used to strengthen the immune system. It’s also said to enhance right brain activity and the pineal and pituitary glands.  


Citrine, on the other hand, is known to help with tissue regeneration.  Its vibrations work with our body to enhance its natural healing energy while diminishing self-destructive tendencies.  The energy of aquamarine carries nerve-calming properties, enhancing clarity of mind and aiding meditation.



How Gemstone Mineral Energy Can Work For You

For every problem, there is a solution.  Human beings were beautifully and lovingly formed by God to coexist with nature and all of its elements.  Our unique energies and vibrations are constantly craving balance, so it makes sense that nature is where God gives us the balance we need in our lives.  By harnessing the power of intention and vibration, we can use the energy of gemstone minerals to allow our bodies to heal themselves. 



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