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The Invisible Force: Protecting You from Radiation, ELF & EMF Frequencies

The Invisible Force: Protecting You from Radiation, ELF & EMF Frequencies
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The Invisible Force:

How You Can Help Protect Yourself from Radiation, ELF & EMF Frequencies

Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop computer or the Wi-Fi signal you may be connected to, each one of these devices emits a frequency that can’t be seen by the human eye, however, it can be measured. ELF’s (extremely low frequencies) and EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) ELF (extremely low frequency) refers to an electromagnetic field having a frequency much lower than the frequencies of signals typically used in communications. The most common ELF field is radiated by utility power lines. In the United States, this frequency is 60 Hz. You are exposed to these fields whenever you are near electrical appliances of any kind.

Effects of powerlines

In recent years, ELF fields have become a subject of concern in computing applications where cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays are used. These displays, typically used in desktop computer workstations and television sets, generate electromagnetic fields because of the strong, fluctuating currents in the electron beam deflecting coils. The frequencies of these fields are a few kilohertz or less. Some studies suggest that ELF fields might have detrimental health effects on humans exposed to them for long periods of time. The claims vary from increased risk of cancer to premature births and miscarriages.

Since the late 1970s, questions have been raised whether exposure to ELF electric and magnetic fields (EMF) within this range of frequencies produces adverse health consequences. There are established biological effects from acute exposure at high levels (well above 100 µT) that are explained by recognized biophysical mechanisms.

External ELF magnetic fields induce electric fields and currents in the body which, at very high field strengths, cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system. Health effects related to short-term, high-level exposure have been established and form the basis of two international exposure limit guidelines (ICNIRP, 1998; IEEE, 2002). A study by Reilly in 1999 showed that the threshold for direct perception of exposure to ELF RF by human volunteer subjects started at around 2 to 5 kV/m at 60 Hz, with 10% of volunteers detecting the ELF exposure at this level. The percentage of detection increased to 50% of volunteers when the ELF level was raised from 7 to 20 kV/m. 5% of all test subjects considered the perception of ELF at these thresholds annoying. ELF at human perceivable kV/m levels was said to create an annoying tingling sensation in the areas of the body in contact with clothing, particularly the arms, due to the induction of a surface charge by the ELF. 7% of volunteers described the spark discharges as painful where the subject was well-insulated and touched a grounded object within a 5 kV/m field. 50% of volunteers described a similar spark discharge as painful in a 10 kV/m field.

Human Body Radiation

An electromagnetic field also called an EMF, is a region of space where electric and magnetic forces interact. It is often used to refer to the general phenomena associated with fields spreading out from conductors or antennas, depending on the frequency. EMFs are expressed in terms of their frequency and wavelength. Frequency is how many complete waves go by per second. This rate per second is expressed in Hertz (Hz).

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by production, transmission, and use of electrical devices such as power lines, electrical wiring, transformers and electrical equipment, so each person in the society can be exposed to them. Extremely low frequency (ELF) fields include alternating current (AC) fields and other electromagnetic, and non-ionizing radiation from 3Hz to 300Hz. Electric power substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, industrial devices as well as electric appliances are some of the commonly known sources of ELF magnetic fields in the environment. Since many substations are surrounded by residential or commercial areas, people living near them and also personnel working in the substations may be exposed to high ELF magnetic fields. As a result, it is necessary to assess personal exposure to ELF magnetic fields and the effects of them.

Recent studies have been done mostly on the health effects of exposure to non-ionizing low-frequency radiation. It has been shown that different types of animals and humans are sensitive even to minor exposure to electromagnetic fields. Public concerns have been raised about possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields on human health. EMF can lead to rapid aging and have a significant impact on metabolic systems including elevated blood glucose levels, elevation in lipid levels, increased neuroregulatory disturbances, decreased testosterone levels in males and impacts on the Central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular, and immune systems amongst other issues. EMFs have an effect on raised blood pressure, pulse rate and affecting other dynamics of cardiovascular function.

Sleep Disorders

Recently, several studies reported that extremely low-frequency magnetic field exposure might disrupt normal sleep. Occupational exposure to power frequency electric and magnetic fields might have a detrimental influence on night sleep were first reported. Magnetic field exposure was associated with a significant reduction in the duration of slow wave sleep (sleep stages III and IV).

In 2009, it was reported that prolonged exposure to magnetic fields of 230 kV high voltage substations can cause to increase the psychiatric disorders like sleep disturbance, despite that the exposure level was lower than occupational permissible limits (ICNIRP). Another observation was made that magnetic field exposure can exacerbate some psychological problems. He considered 103 workers in Tehran high voltage substations. The symptoms of depression, paranoia, intellectual and practical obsession, interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, hostility, phobias, and psychosis were observed based on questionnaire results.

Sleep, a complex biological process controlled by the central nervous system, is necessary for proper cognitive, metabolic, and immune function. We spend a third of our life asleep because sleep is vital to everyone. Studies have shown a direct link between the amount and quality of sleep and our abilities of the next day and also disruption to sleep, especially ongoing problems, affects our quality of life and can have a bad effect on our health and general well-being. Night sleep is tonic and will help to daily good performance. Sleep allows our body and mind to rest. Graham and Cook reported that an intermittent, but not a continuous, magnetic field exposure may disrupt sleep. Electro-biological research of sleep showed that EMF at night has more severe effects on health in comparison to EMF radiation in the daytime.

Poor sleep quality has been associated with increased tension, irritability, depression, confusion and generally lower life satisfaction. Poor sleep quality reduces longevity from 80 years to 65–70 years. Since poor sleep quality is associated with numerous health problems (gastrointestinal disorders, depression, and exacerbation of chronic disease) and extremely low frequencies are in the frequency ranges of brain waves and also they have more impact on employee performance. Kerman is the largest and most developed city in the Kerman Province and also the major city in South-East of Iran. In addition, workers in high voltage electricity substations are exposed to ELF more than other people.


The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor is a product of technological research that began its development in the United States in the 1960’s. Developed over the last three decades, the Nuclear Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, Laser (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences and Tibetan. The Receptor package itself contains NASA Cassegrin technology.

Nuclear Receptor


These waves, by nature, are the conditioning energies behind the intelligence of DNA. Because they operate in “scale” of the nature of the form of all matter, they are timeless - but not shapeless. Being timeless, they are present on all seven levels of consciousness, yet they individually are not conscious. It is this lack of consciousness that makes them easily programmable by consciousness and directly usable to correct out-of-phase shifts within the confines of the hydrogen atom. (In simple terms - intelligence, feeling, and expression are on the physical plane.) When our individual energy is low, or our physical healing potential impaired, the hydrogen atom is the place to go to “fix it”.

Remember, you have to heal yourself. Devices such as the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor can help remove the effects of man-made, environmental pollution, allowing the body to achieve maximum healing potential. The Nuclear Receptor is an auric protector which may help deflect negative frequencies including ELF/EMF frequencies. In your aura frequency, your synapses are firing at a certain rate, that’s what produces an electromagnetic field around your body, called your auric field. In most people it isn't strong enough, the electromagnetic field is actually being manipulated by satellites which were launched in 1991 on up until today, and the Nuclear Receptor produces an auric offset of those satellite frequencies. 

If you put poisons in your body from food or things that we eat which aren't good for us that have chemical preservatives in them, it creates a free radical which can lead to cancer or some other vicious disease. With the Nuclear Receptor necklace on that free radical can't happen because you have an ionized cellular system in the negative ion region which produces a negative ion effect within the body.

The hydrogen atom (the basic atom of universal consciousness) vibrates on seven different levels, transforming consciousness into the cells it becomes a part of. Yes, you guessed correctly if you concluded that each vibrational level of the hydrogen atom corresponds to a level of consciousness! Likewise, sound and color correspondence exists.

Human Auric Field


Although the Nuclear Receptor is small in size, it is quite powerful. Several space age technologies, as previously mentioned, are used in its construction. By using the parabolic curved lens, the Receptor may help trap different stray energies such as radiation, magnetism, ELF, electrical fields, and a myriad of different forces that are ever-present in our ecosphere of twenty-first-century pollutants.

When properly worn, the Receptor hangs vertically, thereby positioning several/different sized pyramids from an almost upside down position at the top of the disk to a nearly upright position at the bottom of the disk - a result of the parabolic curve across the face of the disk.

Nuclear Receptor Theory of Operation

If you were using one of the Pyradyne Headgear Pyramids and performing a general muscle test on someone, you would probably find that when the person being tested wore a pyramid in the normal position on their head, they would test “strong”.


When the Receptor is worn continuously in correspondence with the color of a link, that link becomes stronger. Soon, it becomes stronger than the next weakest link, so that weak link must now be strengthened. After muscle testing determines the next progressive color, you should switch to that color stone. Strengthen the chain of colors; it is recommended re-testing every six months.

Below, Dr. Fred Bell explains exactly why this is and what is happening to the hydrogen atom that creates a lower diastolic pressure. LISTEN NOW!

Getting tested for the correct color gemstone and Nuclear Receptor is easy. Pyradyne offers free testing remotely and all that is needed is your full name, age, and city in which you live in. Remote testing is done using dowsing rods which, were used for centuries to find water and other objects. The remote testing is done for customers across the globe and is 95% accurate. It is encouraged to try the self-test using kinesiology as per the instructions found on the

Remote testing is done using dowsing rods which, were used for centuries to find water and other objects. The remote testing is done for customers across the globe and is 95% accurate. It is encouraged to try the self-test using kinesiology as per the instructions found on the SELF-TEST section and, if unsure, or for confirmation, Pyradyne’s remote testing is always available.

Have Questions? Feel free to reach out to us about the Nuclear Receptor or any of our other devices and Essential Supplements formulated by Dr. Fred Bell. We love hearing from you!

Email us at or call (623) 295-9224.

In Love & Light,

The Pyradyne Team


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