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The Power of the Firedome: Pyramid Power and Real Results

The Power of the Firedome: Pyramid Power and Real Results
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Captivated by the cosmic power of the pyramids and propelled by our own desire to know and understand, we at Pyradyne® want to share what we consider to be a vital part in pyramid energy devices. 

The Firedome, like The Pyradome, consists of an Orgone Layer of materials plated over a pyramid shape frame, with the final layer being copper. An Orgone Layer is the effect of amplifying energy through combined layers of dissimilar materials, in this case nickel, steel, gold and copper, to produce high energy output. 

This was documented through experiments conducted from 1934 to 1936 at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Oslo but Wilhelm Reich. Similar processes are used in modern technology today in the production of transistors, integrated circuits and other multilayered devices.

Dr. Wilhem Reich (Pictured above)

As with The Pyradome, The Firedome does not have to be aligned to the magnetic north, since one of the layers is gold and the molecular structure of gold is pyramid shaped. 

Copper is a chemically active metal that has been used since 7500 B.C. It is the only metal except gold that is colored by nature. Electrically, it is a super conductor and is recognized as a source of negative ions when used on a properly prepared pyramid structure.

Ions are the life carrier in our air supply and are necessary in our own growth process to build cells. The body cannot reproduce or repair one single cell without a supply of negative ions. Ions are admitted into the body through the air supply and are circulated by the blood. 

Clinical testing has revealed that undesirable positive ions are becoming more abundant in our air, a detriment to all forms of life. Positive ions cause feelings of depression and eventually sickness. Negative ions cause a feeling or sense of well being because of the beneficial effect on the body. Positive ions are plentiful in polluted air and smog, whereas negative ions are abundant after heavy rainfall or near a waterfall. 

The air we breathe has been found to contain approximately 2000 positive ions per cubic centimeters and 1000 negative ions respectively.

Headgear Pyramid

We at Pyradyne are aware of the problems of pollution in our air supply and have developed The Firedome. We use a layer of pure 24K gold and copper, which when energized by Pyramid energy, yields the negative ion effect, greatly offsetting the poor feelings caused by bad air. According to your energy output, The Firedome® will change color directly relating to the color of your aura. 


Using muscle reflex testing developed by Dr. John Thie of Pasadena and administered by Dr. Gary Couture of Newport Beach, CA, we have proven that The Firedome® supplies energy to the body.

Pyramid Preliminary Findings

Have you had an amazing experience with Pyramid Power? Leave a message in the comments below to share!


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