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The Power Of The Pyradome

The Pyradome From Pyradyne
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As most of us are becoming more aware of ourselves and our surroundings, we are able to better sense the myriad of powerful energies which compose our Universe. True to his course of advancement, man continues energy experiments with himself and the environment.

Captivated by the cosmic power of the Great Pyramid and propelled by our own great desire to know, we at Pyradyne want to share with you what we consider a breakthrough in pyramid energy devices. The Pyradome is the epitome of pyramid development because it consists of an *Orgone Layer of materials plated over a pyramid shaped frame. 

In its most fulfilling application, the true pyramid structure provides the three major energy and mediation centers in the head and an antenna to collect and focus the natural Cosmic and electro-magnetic energies working within the Universe.

Pyradyne Cosmic Meditation

These centers are represented structurally by the pineal and pituitary glands, the center between the eyes, called the Anja Chakra, and by the crown located at the top of the head.

Since gold is known to be one of nature's purest and most powerfully energized metals, it is used in a 24 karat plating as the outer orgone layer of The Pyradome. It causes a great amplification and synthesis of higher consciousness among the centers in the head and an array of natural forces in the environment. Because of The Pyradome's combination of gold and the powerful pyramid shape, you will have many years of positive experiences by yourself and with your friends. Tuning in together with the aid of this great tool is the beginning of a better tomorrow.

Pyradyne Group of friends wearing the headgear Pyramids

*Orgone Layer - the effect of amplifying energy through combined layers of dissimilar materials to produce high energy output levels in very confined spaces.

The Pyradome is 9 inch steel based headgear pyramid that is 24 Karat gold orgone plated. Creating a natural field of negative irons around you, whilst gently detoxifying your body. The Pyradome is specially recommended to those new to Pyramid technology, working to develop higher consciousness via the Ajna Chakra. With regular use, The Pyradome benefits may include:

  • Stabilizing high blood pressure
  • Promoting tranquility and well-being
  • Experience deep relaxation and balance
  • Reducing headaches


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