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The Power of Words: How to Affect Other People with Words

The Power of Words: How to Affect Other People with Words
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The Power of Words: How to Affect Other People with Words

The Power of Our Words

In the beginning, God said, Let there be light,” and there was light…

Words almost have the power of God and communication is paramount to our understanding. What are the good words that affect your life? Are you fully aware of how much power your words carry? Appreciate the power that your words carry. It allows you to realize the impact that we can have on someone’s life.

What if somebody can’t see how they can possibly be successful and as a result of your experience and encouragement, they’re now able to see what they didn’t see before?

The light of sight (being able to see) and the light of insight (deep understanding of a person or thing) are so valuable for a human being and, if you can create the light of insight, you may give a person the ability to see a way, a path or the opportunity. That is powerful!

Through carefully chosen words, it is possible to speak to another person and for the sun of their consciousness to rise within them. As we say, the lights go on!

Words have the ability to illuminate people’s lives and give them a track to run on. Words also have the power to crush a person’s spirit and derail them totally. The same tongue that we use to tell another that we love them, or tell them how beautiful they are, or providing words of encouragement is the same tongue that we use to curse and hurt others.

“With the tongue we praise God and with it, we curse human beings.” (James 3:10)

Some words help give others a code to live by or can refine their philosophy and open up a whole new world. It’s extraordinary what words can do. Words can have the power of God because they can create light and sight. Words are food that nourishes the mind and soul and those same words can also trigger sight for someone. To see things they never saw before – whether in themselves or in a situation or their circumstance.

The Power of Our Words

What’s possible with words?

With our words, we can help people see themselves better than they are. By words, you can transport people back to learn from their experiences and forward to see themselves rich, to see themselves successful, and to see themselves living their dreams, desires, and goals. They can see themselves living an abundant life, in charge and see themselves opening up incredible productivity within. To really help our children we must help to see themselves as they are and not to leave them there where they are but to help to see themselves better than where they are.

Words that make a difference

The Psalmist David put it this way: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” That very lamp is for your feet. To give you light on your path to see where you should walk and to give you purpose as you strive towards your goals and objectives. If we allow, this well-lit path can transform us into creatures of sight and insight.

“Does not the ear test words as the tongue tastes food?” Job 12:11

The Power of Our Words

  1. Have something good to say

If you’re going to say something, you must have something GOOD to say. You cannot speak that to which you do not know. When you’re ready to talk, you want to make sure that you have a verbal check that you can cash. And the only way to have a verbal check that will cash, and make an impact on someone, is to make deposits ahead of time.

That’s what reading this blog is about; making mental deposits to prepare you for the time when you’re called on to speak; you can draw from this experience. By reading this, you are making deposits into your mental bank to withdraw your ideas from which you can utilize.


  1. You must first have the knowledge to be able to speak from knowledge

Here’s the key to gathering knowledge; it takes a lifetime to gather it all! You can’t have tomorrow’s experiences today. Today, you must get through today and get ready for tomorrow by developing the experiences needed to prepare you for tomorrow. And tomorrow, you will have much more to say than you did today because of it. This makes an incredible difference. So the key word really is preparation; getting ready to speak! And for humans, this is a lifetime chore.

 The IF’s that make life worthwhile

  1. Life is worthwhile if you learn. Life is worthwhile if you know what will hurt you – Ignorance is NOT BLISS. You’ve got to have information to exist, let alone succeed.
  1. Life is worthwhile if you learn from your own experiences – negative or positive. Picking up the signals. We learn how to do it right by first doing it wrong. Pick up the information whether it’s positive or negative. It’s called a positive-negative. So, don’t be afraid to try or fail or fall.
  1. Life is worthwhile if we learn from others experiences. Not confining ourselves to our own learning and our own experiences allow us to learn from other people, whether negative or positive.
  1. Life is worthwhile if you learn. Later on, you can throw away what you’ve learned what you don’t need, but right now the key is to get it all and sort through it later. Learn from every source. Learn from lectures, blogs, documentaries, sermons, songs, books, conversations with people who care. Keep learning.
  1. Life is worthwhile if you try. You can’t just learn you’ve got to try something. To see if you can do it. Try to make a difference, try to make progress, to learn a new skill or a new sport. It doesn’t mean you can do everything but there are a lot of things you could do if you just try and when you do, give it your best and go all out!
  1. Life is worthwhile if we are selective. We learn by what we see, what we hear and what we read. Being a selective listener and not allowing anyone to dump just any information in your mental bank is important. You must stay on guard.

The Power of Our Words

“When you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are.”

Learning will enable us to be more careful of the words that we use and realize the impact that they can have on our lives and in the lives of each person we encounter. It is a lifelong journey and adventure. Raising each other up despite our faults and highlighting the very best attributes of each other will only help live and lead a truly abundant life.

Stay blessed,

The Pyradyne Team 




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