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The Top 5 Things You May Experience When Wearing a Pyradyne Receptor

The Top 5 Things You May Experience When Wearing a Pyradyne Receptor
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Since Pyradyne was founded 1975, we’ve thought of our customers like family. Hearing about the positive impact our products make on people’s lives warms our hearts and fuels our passion. We know that every single person experiences our products differently (the Receptors in particular), and we find it very interesting to analyze testimonials - drawing parallels between them, and learning about the impact they are making on lives around the globe. 

Here are the Top 5 things you may experience when wearing a Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor:

1. An Initial Period of Detoxification - Feeling a Bit “Off”

Many people experience an initial period of detoxification as their bodies adjust to wearing the Receptor. This is completely normal and will almost always resolve within a period of a few days. As one of our customers stated:

“In my first couple of days of wearing the receptor, I went through a little bit of a “down” feeling. I even felt a little bit sick. I felt tired. But on day 3 or 4, suddenly I just had the biggest burst of energy. I went from low energy to high energy, and then it all evened out. Ever since, I've felt more balanced than I was before.”

2. Feeling of Increased Mental and Physical Balance

The Receptor helps your body to rebalance your endocrine system (also known as chakras) and attracts vital energy to the areas where your body needs it most. This increased energy often creates an increased feeling of both physical and mental balance. This is what one of our customers said after wearing the receptor for 5 days:

“I’m a pretty active person. I do a lot of running, hiking, biking and skateboarding. I rode my bike and my skateboard yesterday, and I felt way more balanced than normal… Then i realized i had my Receptor on. I really feel like it played a role in not only my physical balance, but where my headspace is at and how i’m thinking about my day, my actions, and going through daily life in a positive way.”


3. Elevated Interactions with Others

Once your body has attained balance, this allows you to see an increase in the quality of your interactions with others - attracting positivity towards you. One of our customers said after she started wearing the receptor. 

“I’ve had a lot of experiences where complete strangers are just nicer to me in general. It’s almost as though they were placed in my path for me to have interactions with. These people would just come up to me and share compliments or make small talk more so than ever. When I noticed that, that’s when I knew that a shift happened. When you’re having 3 or 5 or 6 of those situations a day, you know that a shift happened.” 


4. Being Less Affected by Stressful Situations

Many individuals notice that the usual stresses of day-to-day life do not have as much of an impact on them, and that they are able to stay calm throughout the day. One customer said this:

“I’m at work and nothing bothers me. I’m relaxed while everyone else is stressing out. It's not to say that I never stress out because that’s not the case, but I don't stress out nearly as much as I used to.”

5. Attracting Positivity 

We hope that each and every person who wears the Receptor feels its ability to shield from negative energy and let the positive shine through:

“I have had two Receptors (one when I was younger) and recently I have bought a new one as I have been struggling with anxiety and although I am not magically healed I am feel much more positive with life and I know it's due to my receptor. For anyone that has not got one you should deeply consider. This has been a game changer in my family and I will not be without mine now.”

If you’d like to share your experience with any of our products, sends us an email to


  • Walt B: March 19, 2020

    I feel much more centered and grounded, more focused and full of energy recommend the pendant to anyone without reservation

  • Courtney Deiago: January 25, 2020

    Hi Pyradyne!
    I just wanted to say I LOVE my receptor, I had most of what you listed but now I have great energy, clarity and focus. I really feel the difference when I am not wearing it now. Thanks for your amazing products, my whole family wants a necklace now LOL.

  • Dina: January 24, 2020

    Yes, I experienced most of this! Great article for newbies wanting to try it, I’ve shared this with my friends. I hope they take a step of faith in trying the pendant because it’s worth it!

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