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The Top Nature News You Needed To Hear Today

The Top Nature News You Needed To Hear Today
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To all of us at Pyradyne, the natural world is extremely important. We enjoy spending time with mother nature and learning from her many lessons and challenges. We seek wisdom from her patterns, and are inspired by her beauty. Today, we look to her for the positive news we all have been craving. 

Read on for the top 4 nature stories you needed to hear today.


1. Never-Before-Filmed Whale Feeding Technique!

In the Pacific Northwest, Humpback Whales were documented (for the first time), using an advanced hunting technique to herd salmon DIRECTLY into their mouth! Unique drone footage, captured by a research team, gives us an exclusive look into how intelligent these water-dwelling mammals are.

This technique, named ‘pectoral herding’ allows the Humpback to feed on inexperienced fish who haven’t developed a strong schooling sense. This makes the salmon more likely to dart away from its school, and into the mouth of the hungry whale. Humpback Whales circle the fish with a screen of bubbles to disorent them before lunging at their meal with their immense mouths. Watch this incredible footage for yourself!

Thanks to the dedication of the research team, drone technology, and a friendly whale, we now have a deeper understanding of our underwater friends.


2. This River is Now Protected - FOREVER!

The Virgin River, which runs through Zion National Park (Utah)  plays an enormous role in the ecosystem of Zion. In fact, this river is the home of 40 “sensitive” species, 12 of which are listed as endangered. In an effort to protect the area around Zion from development, the Nature Conservancy purchased a large amount of land adjacent to the park to preserve the beautiful landscape and ecosystem. With this generous purchase from the Nature Conservancy, this river and its beauty will be protected FOREVER!


3. Big Win for Bison!

In the early days of North America, Bison roamed the Great Plains in massive numbers. In fact, in the 1500’s, there were an estimated 30 million bison. Unfortunately, this extraordinary animal was so over-hunted, that less than 300 years, the once gigantic population dwindled to less than 1,000.

As activists fight for conservation efforts, officials push to give these animals more land. After an additional 22,000 acres were purchased, and logistics sorted out, Bison were reintroduced to the area after 150 years!

Although the Bison population is still recovering, love for these animals has shown a promising future - Welcome Home Bison!


4. This Endangered Species Population Bounced Back from 450 to 25,000!

It’s no secret that an intense whaling industry and massive over-hunting nearly eradicated the Humpback Whale population. In fact, in only 12 years in the early 1900s, over 25,000 Humpbacks were hunted and killed due to commercial whaling. 

Following crackdowns and regulations on hunting whales, researchers now say they believe the Humpback Whale species has rebounded and is nearly at a pre-whaling population! With more and more information and data pouring in about these majestic mammals, scientists are learning, analyzing, and studying large amounts of data about Humpback Whales, their intelligence, genetics, role in the ecosystem, and much more. These amazing creatures may provide insight to other global issues, such as climate change.

Feel free to share this article with friends, family, animal lovers, and just about anyone you know. It is always great to remember that there is always positive news to be found in this beautiful world of ours!



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